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25 Oct 2013

Bubblin game review

Bubblin is one of those annoyingly addictive games that you start playing ‘just for five minutes’ and only realise the time an hour later.

The game is designed to be played holding the phone face up using the inbuilt tilt function to move around the screen. The basic concept is to ensure your bubble dodges the red spikes and collects the blue bubbles.

To get top scores and achieve higher ranks you will need to buy (with in-game money) upgrades of various types. When the game is opened the main screen has five options.

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Bubblin screenshots












A mute button, this can be used to turn sound instantly on and off, to adjust the sound level you will need to use the device controls, a help button, this gives a very quick overview of how to play the game and is recommended for first time users.

The game centre button connects you to the Game Centre, where your high scores will get posted; you can compete against other players for the highest scores to become the ultimate Bubblin champion! The fourth button is all about the makers, BIVIS Soft.

The final and most important button is located in the centre of the screen, the play button! Upon tapping this button you will be faced with an inventory screen. New players will not have any in-game money to begin with, but this is where you can purchase upgrades and items that will help in achieving high scores.

It is also possible to buy various backgrounds and enhancements. When playing the game you will find it easiest to be sitting with the device facing upwards in your lap, or on a table. The purple coloured ball in the centre of the screen represents the bubble that you control.

As the device is tilted the ball will roll in the appropriate direction. The bubbles that need to be collected are various sizes and move at different speeds, they are a light blue colour. The red spikes are to be avoided, these move at a slower speed and grow slowly over time until they explode and disappear.

Occasionally a green bubble will appear; it is always the same size and does not move. It will stay on the screen until it is picked up or too many red spikes crash into it. When your bubble touches the green it will cause a large explosion that covers about fifty per cent of the screen.

Any red spikes that are caught in the blast will instantly explode and disappear. One of the best features of the game is that your bubble will increase in size as blue blobs are captured. New coloured bubbles can be bought at the inventory.

These new bubbles give bonus abilities; some of them can be very useful, for example, a yellow bubble makes your bubble shrink. When a spike is hit the game is over, a score is given to you and money is rewarded according to the points scored.

This is a very good game to play for fun and will keep you entertained for many hours at a time. The graphics are simple, but effective and the gameplay is very smooth. The sensitivity of the tilt feature is faultless and all features and upgrades within Bubblin are accessible to normal members with no additional cost.

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