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13 Apr 2014

Bubblis game review

Bubblis is an exciting word game that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

It requires iOS 4 to run correctly and has similarities to the classic Tetris game. The idea of Bubblis is to place letters on a grid, trying to make words that appear on the right hand side of the screen.

If the words match up correctly on the grid the line dissolves and new words can be formed with the letters that are continuously dropping.


Bubblis screenshots

There are special characters that can give boosts, bonus’s and upgrades to make the game easier for a short period of time. Upon opening the game the user will be asked to sign up, or login to OpenFeint.

This is an online system that saves and stores top scores, achievements and data, very similarly to the Apple Game Centre. Once this is completed the language select screen will appear. There are a total of forty-four different languages to choose from.

The default language is English, scroll through the options by swiping the screen to the left or right. As the user starts a new game the difficulty can be selected before entering the level. At the bottom left of this screen the help function can be turned on or off.

The help function is almost a necessity for first time users. It explains clearly and precisely how the game works. Without viewing the tutorial it is very easy to miss helpful features of the game that may not be obvious at first.

If the help feature is turned on it will also explain upgrades as they drop from the sky. Most of the bubbles that fall from the sky are letters to make words but there are also special clouds that perform a variety of different actions.

Some of the special features include a slowing cloud, extra time, golden character and reinforced glass. As the user begins to play the word game each of the special characters that get introduced are explained and become very clear when to use them.

Each level consists of an objective; the objective is usually to clear a certain amount of lines. The development of each level can be monitored with the progress meter at the bottom left of the screen.

When this is full the level will be completed and the user can advance onto the next area. A unique feature of the game includes the use of glass. This is the users screen, it can be broken (do not worry it is just an effect) and repaired with various special clouds.

The clouds that break or destroy the screen are meant to hinder the user and make it more difficult to complete the level. Luckily there is an equal amount of opportunity to fix the screen, or prevent it from getting destroyed in the first place.

Bubblis is a fantastic application that allows people of all ages to play and the more serious gamers to compete for top scores and achievements. It has many features that all play an integral part of completing each level and will keep users gripped for long periods of time.

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