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Bug Princess

16 Nov 2013

Bug Princess game review

Enormous bugs called the Koju are assaulting the town of Utakata tirelessly. In a determined manner in an attempt to put an end to the attacks the queen’s son who is known by the name of Aki goes deep into the woods to try and find the chief of the Koju’s.

The assault on the town suddenly comes to an end but Aki is not seen again. In an attempt to find him Princess Rico from a neighbouring village also goes deep into the woods in order to search for him.

She confronts the threats of the wood and the possibility of further upsetting the Koju. Participants of the game take command of the Princess as she begins her campaign. Kiniro, her Beetle joins her on her journey to assist her with any trouble which may occur.

Bug Princess::by CAVE Interactive Bug Princess::by CAVE Interactive Bug Princess::by CAVE Interactive Bug Princess::by CAVE Interactive Bug Princess::by CAVE Interactive

Bug Princess screenshots

The illustrations are fabulous with some of the characters being made to look so impressive that they are actually quite daunting. Within the game players are given the choice, “option beetles” which will help the game play by providing extra strength to firing skills and allow the player to aim the fire on one target or sweep it across various items.

There are four stages for the play to choose from ranging from easy to difficult and also three different games of play to choose from. These provide different options for the play and can be used to adjust abilities to the player’s advantage. I can quite safely say that the first two stages are difficult enough indeed so it would be a while before I attempted the further too as I am sure they would provide quite a challenge.

At the player progresses through the game advancements and boosts may be accumulated to help improve the players firing strength and allowing the player to take more shots. Grenades available will cause huge explosions clearing a large distance. Also available to be accumulated are reinforcement ships whose aviation alongside the player will add firing strength. Like the firing power the ships can give assistance direct to one target or as a sweep.

The three games are alike in content of play. There is a variety of three ships which the player can choose from and every ship has an individual firing manner. The ships all have different strengths and abilities such as some of the ships have a stronger firing power than others and some have the ability to fire in more directions than the other sips. The five levels to be played have a huge amount of attacks included from the opposition with none stop firing throughout. The levels can be played all in one go or one at a time.

The system of scoring is plain and easy to follow. Every time the player stumbles across the opposition they must fire at them and accumulate the items they drop. They then must follow them to the end of the stage in order to achieve a final scoring. The two more difficult games have slight differences making scoring a bit more difficult.

It is safe to say that the creators have created another fabulous game. It is an amazing firing game to add to the list of other excellent Ios games. The commands for the game are nothing short of excellent as are the graphics and none stop activity. 

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