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Bumblebee Race

12 Apr 2014

Bumblebee Race game review

Have you heard this one, "what is the last thing that goes through a bugs mind when it hits your windshield?" Answer: "it's tail".

This is especially true in a new game available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The new game called Bumblebee Race Free is a 21st century take on an old concept.

If you have ever driven through the countryside, you know what it is like to have your car windows covered with little critters that failed to move out of the way as you barrel down the road.

Bumblebee Race::By Alexey Naumov Bumblebee Race::By Alexey Naumov Bumblebee Race::By Alexey Naumov Bumblebee Race::By Alexey Naumov Bumblebee Race::By Alexey Naumov

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When you first start the game, you are presented with four buttons. The first button is a question mark, and this lets you practice the game in tutorial mode. The basic premise of the game is that you are a bee who is flying down the highway when oncoming traffic appears.

It is your job to tilt your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, and moved to be from side to side, out of the way of the oncoming traffic. There are two controls that you use to control motion in the game. On the left-hand side, is a brake button that will slow down the automobiles and allow you time to move out of the way.

On the right-hand side of the control pad, there is a speed boost in case you need to move quickly between two oncoming objects. In addition to the controls, there are also items which you can collect that help you to update oncoming vehicles and objects.

When you see a helmet appear on the screen, you can use that as protection in order to fly through cars. While rushing through traffic, you should try to collect the stars and the umbrellas. These items will give you additional points and bonus awards in the game.

The speed boost right hand side control also awards you additional "high-speed" bonus points whenever you enter the high-speed mode. Okay, you have passed the tutorial, and have it ended up on someone's windshield.

Good for you. Now it's time to get serious and play for real. There are 20 levels that you can complete once you have completed the tutorial. You need to fly along the road track at speeds no less than 180 mph in order to get the maximum bonus.

Centered along the display of the game is a speedometer that you need to watch carefully. You need to collect at least one star in each level in order to move on to the next level. Every time you get clipped by a car, but have not suffered a head-on impact, you will lose health which is in the form of honey that is shown in the honey bar.

The more money you save until the finish line, the higher scores you will get. During gameplay, If you can get close to the cars you can increase your acceleration rate, which will earn you more points.

Be aware, however, that there will be more cars, motorcycles and trucks coming at you in the later levels, so it does get rather challenging. I think that this is a fun game and will please those who like to use their accelerometer in their iPhones or iPad when playing games.

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