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15 Nov 2013

Burble game review

Some of the most famous games to ever hit markets are word games.

Even after the year's scramble is considered a legend and I am always interested to play new word games. Thus I came across the game called Burble which is designed for iPhone users. It can typically be used with all Apple company products. Do you want to play a fun and easy going word game which can help relieve tension?

Then Burble is the game to download and play! When I started playing burble I thought it would end up being like most other word games on the market with complicated vocabulary and cryptic hints.

Burble::By Rick Fiorentino Burble::By Rick Fiorentino Burble::By Rick Fiorentino Burble::By Rick Fiorentino

Burble screenshots

But I was surprised when I was met with a game which portrayed a clumsy yet cozy feel which immediately appealed to me. The game consists of 12 levels or parts and you to guess the burbles based on the clues given.

The aim of the game is to stumble along finding burbles, which can help solve the final puzzle. The main feature, which made Burble irresistible in my eyes, is its cool layout that gives the feel of a western atmosphere complete with the iconic horse!

The game has a good sense of humour. It can make one laugh. Moreover, it is simple as you make your way through the game bumbling and can also tease your knowledge and make you learn new things. When you find yourself stuck in the middle of a level with no idea on what to guess do not worry.

There is the option of getting clues and thus solve your burbles. There are also options for skipping a particularly tough burble and move on to the next. The initial levels consist of only simple burbles and pose no problems.

As you pass each level, the toughness increases but that just keeps the game interesting and moving forward. You can laugh along as you discover each burble and this is extremely good for one’s mood.

The major selling fact about this game is that it contains a very unique setup made for fun and a background which is simple yet attractive.

To all those who want some time to spend with fun gaming then burble is a nice choice. There are serious games, which involve complicated moves and logic to be used.

Burble is different from those and is just there for you to pick up and relax without thinking about time constraints as you guess a word.

Sit down after a tiring day and pick up the game as you try to have some much needed fun time. I had a good time considering that burble was a free game, which I decided to try out on a hunch. And it was a hunch which worked out in my favour.

So all those who use an iPhone or any other Apple products you should go and get this particular game because it is an awesome way to spend your time gaming with.

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