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Burnout Crash

02 Nov 2013

Burnout Crash game review

Players may be familiar with the name of this game as it already exists in a format made for the console which features heavily on a mode of game play involving damage and combat with vehicles.

It has been tinkered around with so game play is suitable for the iOS, but controls and commands are very similar, and actually game works better on iPhone and iPad.

This particular game is a new release and like its predecessors the aim of the game is mass damage and carnage. After initially being a made for consoles, game is now available for the iOS.

In this game your goal is to cause as much destruction to other vehicles on the road as possible. The ability to create as much carnage, damage, loss and chaos as possible has not been lost in the game transition to iOS devices.

Burnout Crash::by Electronic Arts Burnout Crash::by Electronic Arts Burnout Crash::by Electronic Arts Burnout Crash::by Electronic Arts Burnout Crash::by Electronic Arts

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In Burnout Crash you have the choice of various different vehicles to choose from such as pick up trucks and sports cars. You have to pick one vehicle and take charge of it. As the game progresses the player can swap the vehicle over and pick a different one. You have to move the vehicle into other forms of transport in the game it an attempt to cause mass destruction. You can also create really impressive explosions to come from the vehicles and control which way they go.

The player has a bird’s eye view of the game and after picking your car you can begin to control it by touching the screen. After a while the fun action really kicks in. The aim of the game as previous stated is to cause an immense amount of destruction within a specified time by various different ways which may also include you making your own vehicle erupt.

Different vehicles come into play creating a mass back log of vehicles. Once you have gained good use of the controls you could use this to your advantage and get rid of all the other vehicles and destruct anything in sight from properties and anything else which gets in your way.

The game is made even more exciting by all the different vehicles which come into the game such as a group of cop cars which try to block the route. It is your job to crash through this barricade yet again causing a mass destruction as you do so.

In each level there are different tasks which must be performed in order to collect bonus points. Different tasks earn different amounts of points as do destroying certain vehicles and arranging for a certain train of actions to happen. If you can stop the public from escaping then you can earn a lot of cash to add to your score.

The comic style graphics, entertaining background sounds, songs and such like are really engaging and make play more memorable. The game certainly is a lot of fun with so many different options available which even offer smaller games within the game.

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