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Car Service

01 Oct 2013

Car Service game review

Car Service is a time-management game that allows you to build up a complete car service centre.

Your job is to help Kate, the woman who just bought the car service station, to direct her customers to the correct parts of the services. There are five different car services to choose from and only a limited amount of time to organise all of the customers before they drive off.

As the game starts for the first time a tutorial will help guide you through the basics of Car Service.

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It is fairly straight forward on the beginning levels, cars come one at a time and only a few options are available for you to choose from. Help Kate by dragging each car to the appropriate area and use the control panel to initialise the action.

When the job has been completed drag the car to the next area required. Finish by taking the car to the check-out booth to get payment from the customer. Each level has a different requirement to succeed; it increases in difficulty each time.

Before the level begins the app will show the goals for the level and the time limit that has been allocated. The level is completed when all of the goals have been accomplished within the timeframe. If the goals are not met the level is failed and the user will have to retry.

At higher levels there are a total of five different areas to the service station. The car wash is available from level one and is used in the tutorial. The tire station is also available on level one; these are the very basic services that your store can offer.

As the difficulty gets harder it is possible to upgrade the service centre by incorporating engine repair, electrical station and bodywork restoration. A parking facility is also available which can effectively queue the cars, ready to access the service they require.

All of these upgrades increase the services popularity but also increase the difficulty to manage all of the cars accessing the station. Upon completing each level the ability to purchase upgrades or new features will be given.

The upgrades help by speeding up the process of the particular service and also give the service extra abilities. For example, improving the car wash from the basic structure to the first upgrade will enable the car wash to add polish to the cars that want it, for an additional price of course!

Each area can be upgraded four times. Car Service is a very interesting game that gets you thinking fast. To complete each level a requirement must be met, and this is not achieved if there is any slacking!

Quick fingers and good management skills are needed even on the beginning levels. The game is suitable for all ages and would give a basic knowledge to young children on fixing cars while also being great fun.

The fast gameplay and hectic time restraints make a very good game where strategy, time-management and speed all play key factors.

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