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Cavorite 2

18 Nov 2013

Cavorite 2 game review

Dr. Cavor escaped from his captors and headed home. Unfortunately he almost immediately ran out of fuel and crash landed. Now the hapless scientist with the dodgy memory is on a mission to collect special crystals to refuel his ship and return to Earth.

Cavorite 2 sticks so closely to the action puzzle formula in the previous game that you might describe it as a 63-level continuation. If you enjoyed the first Cavorite, you’re in for a treat.

If not, you won’t find much changed and you’ll most likely become just as irritated with the sequel. Sticking to Cavorite fans, however – you guys are going to be in for some great new challenges.

There are no conveyors, laser beams or lava pits in #2; what you’ll get is exploding boxes, slippery ice platforms and spike-filled swimming levels.

Cavorite 2::by Cascadia Games Cavorite 2::by Cascadia Games Cavorite 2::by Cascadia Games Cavorite 2::by Cascadia Games Cavorite 2::by Cascadia Games

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The feel is pretty much the same as with Cavorite 1, with some levels making you race against a very unforgiving clock and others giving you time to ponder the switches and traps you need to manipulate to free Dr Cavor.

The controls are just as responsive as before, and the visuals are still very Steampunk and retro, which is a definite plus in my book. What has changed – and for the better – is the way the new elements are used to give the game more twists, turns and depth. There are collapsing bridges to keep you moving, and there are a good few rooms that look complicated and have you tearing your hair out before you finally realise how simple they are. I’m especially impressed with the developers Cascadia Games for this trick – it had me going a few times.

One thing that is annoying about Cavorite 2, though, is the good doctor’s tendency to still let go of floating blocks way too easily. This has been a problem since #1. It makes sense for the doctor to drop a block if he’s caught on a wall and isn’t touching it, but this tendency really makes navigating through narrow vertical spaces very difficult indeed. I think Cascadia should give him a better grip and make players have to intentionally let go by using the jump button. Just giving my 2c there.

Sometimes less is more, this is true, but not in Cavorite 2. There are some people who think that a game can be spoilt by adding too many levels and abilities to an already very solid iOS puzzle platform game. I don’t agree with this, though, and I don’t think many people will, especially not existing fans. New players will also be delighted to get to know this series.

Cascadia put loads of effort into adapting Cavorite 2 for retina displays and it’s proven to be well worth it. They also worked on the chiptunes in the game, as they are a vast improvement on the original. I really recommend this game. 

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