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Chaos Ring II

28 Nov 2013

Chaos Ring II game review

The game play takes part in a world stuck in time and the enemy is trying to destruct the world as it stands. Characters within the game are to try and safeguard the world and fend off the opposition.

The game is very likeable due to the immense detail and consideration given to the individuals within the game which makes the player develop a beautiful relationship with them and want to help them survive. The game play is very good and draws the player in.

Initially the game does not present itself particularly well. The player is placed in a world with a few individuals but with very little information provided with regards of what to do.

Chaos Ring II::by Square Enix Chaos Ring II::by Square Enix Chaos Ring II::by Square Enix Chaos Ring II::by Square Enix Chaos Ring II::by Square Enix

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The fight scenes within the game seem very similar if not the same as the first Chaos Rings game and it made me think if the was any difference between the two games and question where the value for money was. However, if the player persists they will discover that there is in fact a lot to the game. There is a gorgeous kingdom and the fight scenes have in fact developed very well. Whilst the game may seem expensive, it can be said that it is money well spent.

The game play basically is that an enemy side is intimidating our planet and it is left up to you to save the world. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is story of many games, still it is very appealing to many players.

The surroundings within which the games take place are glorious and differ greatly from each other. There are woodlands to small town and big urban areas creating such a vast variation that it is hard to become bored as the player has no idea as to what they may stumble across next. Each of the individuals within the game have their own strengths and weaknesses so the game can be played over and over gain so the player can discover previously missed areas.

One of the main features of the game are the combat sections which whilst at times may seem similar to the first version of this game, still are incredibly interesting and fresh. There is also the option for the player to enter into combat as an individual or as part of a team with a support ally.

If the player opts to fight as part of a team more destruction can be achieved but if one gets targeted then this will result in the whole team being taken down. There is a meter which sows the progression of the combat.

The excellent graphics on this game enlighten you as to what games on the iPhone are actually capable of. This is a superb game with complimentary sound effects and beautiful scenery to be admired. This game certainly has a lot on offer.

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