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Colors Of The Mind

18 May 2014

colors of the mind game review

It is probably one of those times in which you have to make a tough decision that might affect your life for a long time.

You are not sure what it is that you want exactly or what is your motivation for deciding things. We have all been there and know how tough that can be.

But what if I told you that, scientifically proven, there are ways in which you can bring your motivation from your subconscious and actually be able to analyze it and make conclusions based on it?

colors of the mind::By Jens Martin

colors of the mind screenshots

Well, that and more is what you will get from this amazing app: Colors of the Mind. The colors of the Mind are a self-analysis application in the form of a game that will help you extract the information from your subconscious for you to apply it within your conscious being in order to make the best decisions in your life.

Sometimes it is hard to know what our motivation is and what decisions will fulfill us in the end. The colors of the Mind is an amazing application that will help you with that. It has been proven that colors express universality since a particular color represents the same sensation everywhere.

This means that the feelings you get when you are looking at a color are the same sensations any other person will get. This universality is the scientific basis to establish that when given color choices, your pick will provide better details of your inner personality.

The colors of the Mind bring this scientific fact in the form of a game in order for you to be able to identify your inner self, your real desires, and your motivations. So get rid of your conflicts and inner disagreements.

Put your deepest sentiments in check with this amazing app. The application will make an objective analysis based on your own choice of shades of four different colors. The great thing about this application is that it does all that in the form of a game.

You will notice the nice interface and the easy-to-follow instructions. You will be taken through several stages, which are basically different shades of the four different colors: blue, green, yellow, red.

The first stage will allow you to select from shades of blue which represent how you feel about people close to you. The second stage is color green, followed by red, and finally yellow; each one of them represents a characteristic of your inner self, as well as what are your real motivations and plans for your future self.

Once you get results, you can go over them and even have them sent to your email for better future analysis. It is pretty awesome, isn´t it! You must give a try to this application. It is based on scientifically-proven psychoanalysis, that will deliver you the best results and help you make better decisions.

Don´t let vague emotions control the way you drive your life. Let the Colors of the Mind objectively help you determine what it is that you need in order to live with the right focus. Download this app now!

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