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Crazy Pandas

08 Feb 2014

Crazy Pandas game review

Crazy Pandas is a funny and pretty bloody action game.

You fight against somehow cute, yet deadly pandas that invade you on the parachutes. Your job is to shoot them using a wide collection of weapons (like shotgun or AK47). If you'll let a single panda land on the ground - the game is finished, because the panda snipers are deadly accurate and shoot you the moment they touch the ground.

The pandas are coming in waves - each wave consists of more and more endure pandas (which you have to shoot several times in order to kill them). The game gives you a option to save the progress every five waves.

Crazy Pandas::By BlackMoon Design Crazy Pandas::By BlackMoon Design

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The gameplay is pretty straight forward (taping on pandas to shoot them, tapping on flying weapon icons and bombs to collect them). There's some kind of a guilty pleasure while listening to the pandas screams - they are pretty hilarious.

The game graphics are nice, cartoony style - even the massacred panda bodies lying everywhere after a while are somehow cute. The funniest part of the game is the music and sound. The panda song that plays on the cover screen will make you laugh for sure.

Also the in-game sounds and music is very good. There are six weapon types in the game. You start with ordinary pistol that does very little damage (and soon you'll have to tap the harder pandas few times to kill them).

Different other weapons can be picked up during the game. There's a machine gun, shotgun, AK47, Sniper rifle and Bazooka - each weapon has its own way of killing the pandas. You can easily change current weapon by entering the pause - there's a menu to change the weapon on the pause screen.

Each weapon has its own reload time and magazine - if you'll shoot all your bullets you have to wait a bit for the gun to reload. If you don't have any more ammo for the current gun - it'll change to something else (you have unlimited number of pistol clips, so you won't run out of ammo completely).

You can also shoot off the pandas parachutes - this will make them fall down and smash on the ground. Be careful though - the most endure pandas are pretty much "Chuck Norris" type of guys and can still be alive after smashing into the ground (and they reach for their gun the second they hit touch it).

The game utilizes the Game Center high scores, so you can compare the number of killed pandas with your friends. The thing I miss in the game is some kind of the story behind all those pandas' entrails flying on the screen as well as maybe some boss fights and such - the developer says he considers adding both elements as a free update.

Crazy Pandas might not be a game that would keep you plying for ages - but you would definitely laugh pretty hard when playing it for the first time. Go grab it and let the panda carnage begins!

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