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14 Feb 2014

CrazyCargo! game review

CrazyCargo is a real fun puzzle game where you are responsible as a port worker for the unloading of containers.

In five horizontally lined spaces you need to place colored containers and try to stack them in a match-three gameplay: If you've stacked at least 3 containers in a row, these will disappear from the display, you get points on your account and new space for additional containers gets freed.

The containers are inexorably handed down by a crane to any of the five tracks. Your task is now to collect these containers with the "cart" (a straddle carrier) and drop them on a suitable space.

If you fail to catch a container, you lose a life. You always start with 5 lives and the game is over after losing all of them. The "cart" can collect up to five cargos and - as the speed increases from level to level - this can get way more difficult on higher levels as it looks like in the beginning.

CrazyCargo works on a free-to-play basis and gives you 10 free matches, after what you need to wait 10 minutes between every match. If you like the game and don't want to wait anymore, you can buy unlimited matches for 0. 99$. To achieve higher scores you can combine more than 3 cargos or even score multiple times in a row, if the vanishing cargos free other cargos - which scores again and obviously gave me extra points.

But in the end the best way to get a high score is to climb up levels: The higher the level, the higher the score you get for matching cargos. Before playing I could choose from 4 different modes: "Beginner", "Advanced", "Professional" and "Crazy".

Beginner starts from level 1 and is pretty slow and even has a limited amount of different cargos - it's best for beginners to get used to the game play. After scoring three times the level and the speed increases - which still made me pretty scrubby when playing the very first time.

When I figured it out how to play, I was ready to start over to advanced mode: It starts right from level 11 and is pretty decent for new players like me - especially as the speed still increases after scoring three times.

The more I played CrazyCargo, the more fun it was - so I proceeded to professional mode, starting from level 16. You really need to stay calm to not get puzzled if the game is that fast! For first-timers like me, the crazy mode really looked like impossible in the beginning, but now I am not playing CrazyCargo in any other mode anymore.

CrazyCargo increases speed until level 25 - just where the crazy mode starts off. This helps you to find some type of routine when playing on a high speeds like that. Controls are relatively uncommon, but I got used to it pretty fast and in the end you can get really fast with it.

On the bottom you can see a control panel with a button for every column - after pressing a button the "cart" will race to the desired location. Pressing again drops the last cargo you collected. While playing, CrazyCargo's title music reminded me about how I used to play Tetris on my Gameboy.

To sum this up, detail-obsessed graphic, appealing sounds and proper technical implementation, paired with the exceptional game concept, made CrazyCargo to one of my favorite games these days.

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