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Cubis Creatures

30 Nov 2013

Cubis Creatures game review

If you are a fan of puzzle apps for the iPhone then this is the game for you. The game can be played on both iPhone and iPad is a charming little game which is suitable for younger players, of interest to puzzler fans and an all round fun game for all other players.

The combination of quirky illustrations and engrossing method makes a really entertaining game in which you must combine blocks of the cube together in order to score and get on to the next stage.

Within this colourful contemporary game you must rouse your acquaintances by putting together three cubes of matching colours by the use of very easy controls. At the start of the game you are informed of the casting of an evil spell and all of your acquaintances are now in dreamland.

Throughout the game you will be accompanied by a pop-up helper who stays with you during the game and helps you arrange the cubes. The commands are very simple to use and quite receptive.

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On each stage of the game is a square game board with contains a variety of blocks which you must take out. To take them out you provided with an everlasting amount of blocks to fire at the game board. Once you have managed to make three cubes change into the same colour then these will vanish.

This may sound quite easy but there is a difficult component to the game. The player can only fire from the two edges of the board nearest to them. The remaining two edges are where the cubes are situated. Once you fire your cube it will continue to move until it makes contact with a cube or reaches the other side of the game board. If the contact is made with a cube then this will make both of them move to another place on the board. This can be a useful tactic when playing the game as if for example there are two cubes with a single gap between them, the player can close this gap by firing and making them move in closer together so they are directly next to each other.

There are two limitations on each stage, one being the amount of time the player is allowed and the second is the amount of cubes the player is allowed. If the player uses up all the cubes before the times runs out then they will finish that stage. There are bonus prizes on each stage however and the player must endeavour to collect all these on each stage. You will gain more points if you collect these bonus prizes to it makes sense to be strategic when playing and attempt to collect all of the bonus prizes and then using up all the cubes before the times runs out.

As the stages progress they may become more tricky when the player is only given a certain amount of cubes to use. For example, the player may be given just one particular colour of cubes to use so they can only use this to fire and attempt to move cubes of a different colour next to each other. The player may also be given a laser to use! If this is the case then all they can do is destroy certain blocks which are in between two other blocks of the same colour. These types of stages are very entertaining and provide a refreshing difference to the other stages.

There are different ways in which the player can play strategically in order to gain a high score by using the lasers as mentioned before or bombs to attempt to manoeuvre cubes which have not already exploded. Some cubes are even made of two different colours to add to the challenge further.

This game is certainly an entertaining introduction to this particular type of game and is certainly something to have a go out if players are a fan of puzzle games.

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