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Cut My Apps HD

24 Mar 2014

Cut My Apps HD - By Think Aloud Games game review

Maybe you have been frustrated the way that your app drawer for iPad apps is constantly getting filled up, causing you to need to delete a bunch of free apps that you had installed.

This is all fine and good, however, if you want to delete those free apps from your iPad storage, you must delete those one by one.

This can be rather annoying for some of us, and it definitely was so for the author of a new game for the iPad called "Cut My Apps HD".

Cut My Apps HD - By Think Aloud Games::By Bo Zhao Cut My Apps HD - By Think Aloud Games::By Bo Zhao Cut My Apps HD - By Think Aloud Games::By Bo Zhao Cut My Apps HD - By Think Aloud Games::By Bo Zhao Cut My Apps HD - By Think Aloud Games::By Bo Zhao

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As the author of the app has described, he made the app as a way of releasing frustration over the fact that there was no easy way, to delete apps in bulk on iOS. So he did the next best thing, and that was to make a game that you could cut up apps for points, fun and glory.

You are not in reality cutting your apps, they will remain where they are, but now you can slice and cut app icons in the game. The game is played along the lines of Ninja Fruit, where you need to swipe your finger along the iPad surface in quick procession to slice the app icons which are bounced onto the game playing area.

You need to slice or "cut" the different app icons which are thrown up into the gaming area. These icons range from normal icons to special icons. The normal icons are ones such as media player and unique icons can be other apps like the weather app.

As you begin to play, you get more points for slicing and cutting icons that appear if you slice them directly in the middle of the icon. Multi slice cuts will also score you additional points. Achievements can be attained from within the game, with several levels available.

Each achievement level will grant additional points, stars or health, all of which will help you to gain additional achievements. There is also bonus items such as individual swords, that will help you gain points, stars and health, and help you to ride to the top of the ladder on the game rankings.

The game rankings are stored in the game center, so you can track your progress and see how you fair against other players from around the world. If you get bored of the same old wallpaper, you do not have to wait long to change it, it can be changed in the shop using bonus points and stars that have been accumulated through playing the game.

This game is similar to many of the slicing games, but it does take a new twist by letting you release some of the angst you might feel when dealing with many of your iPad apps. The game is free on the iTunes store and is ad supported.

You can also purchase an upgrade with an in-app purchase to remove the ads. For the fast fingered among us, this game proves to be a good time killer, so if you want to cut up your apps, this is the game for you.

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