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Deluxe Track and Field

19 Oct 2013

Deluxe Track&Field game review

Have you ever dreamt of running the one hundred metres at the Olympics, throw the shot put or compete in the long jump?

Deluxe Track and Field enables the user to take to the arena floor and compete with the best athletes for the fastest times and longest distances. As the application is opened all of the events are organised across the middle of the screen.

Use your finger to scroll through the choices and select your favourite event. At the bottom left corner is the player’s name, by default it is set to PlayerA.

Deluxe Track and Field::By Sunlight Games Deluxe Track and Field::By Sunlight Games Deluxe Track and Field::By Sunlight Games Deluxe Track and Field::By Sunlight Games Deluxe Track and Field::By Sunlight Games

Deluxe Track and Field screenshots











Change this by tapping on the name and editing it to your athlete’s name. At the bottom right of the screen is a language select and the settings menu. There are a total of five different languages to choose from by tapping on the flag to scroll through the available options.

As each event loads the instructions will be given on how to control your athlete. There are three simple pages of instructions with pictures to explain clearly on how to control the character. All of the controls are at the bottom of the screen.

Generally, you will have to tap very fast to generate power and use different commands to release the energy you have built up. As the event begins there will be a countdown for timed races. The player cannot start to tap the run command before the countdown has finished.

There will be a foul or disqualification given for players that try to jump the gun! If the event has no timer the player can begin when they feel ready to participate. Each event has at least two parts to it, a build-up, and release.

The build-up is usually tapping a button at a fast pace to build up power, speed or energy. The second part varies slightly and may be a jump, throw or boost. The goal is to build up as much energy as possible in phase one, and release it at the correct time in phase two.

After the event has taken place the score will be shown at the top of the screen on the scoreboard. To the right hand side of the scoreboard are the top three scores. These are computer-generated results and can be beaten with some practice.

As the player achieves fast times and higher scores they will be shown on the scoreboard instead of the computer generated scores. Deluxe Track and Field is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It has realistic graphics that makes the game interesting and gives an accurate representation of how an Olympic stadium may appear.

The crowd noise level reacts to how the characters performance is and the officials talk clearly when announcing the start of a race and declaring the athlete’s official time or score. Overall this is an extremely entertaining track and field simulation game with decent graphics and good gameplay.

The sound quality is amazing and the voices are clear. Controlling each event is slightly different and great fun to learn how to master each contest.

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