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Dig Dog Out

23 Apr 2014

Dig Dog Out game review

Don´t you simply love dogs? They are the cutest and do have the ways to entertain you and your little ones. Do you dream of having your own dog to pet and play with?

Well, have you met Rex the dog? Rex is found in the famous arcade game Dig Dog Out. Rex promises to keep you entertained with tons of fun nonstop.

Check out this cool game and be ready to help Rex find his bones that the evil vermins have hidden and will keep from finding. Here´s the basics of the game. Rex has a problem and needs you to come to the rescue.

Dig Dog Out::By Xing Mobile B.V. Dig Dog Out::By Xing Mobile B.V. Dig Dog Out::By Xing Mobile B.V.

Dig Dog Out screenshots

He has to dig deep into his backyard and find all the bones and get rid of the verbims that have infested it. Your job is to take Rex through his backyard by digging and finding all his bones. Rex is a very special dog as he has great digging abilities and to top it, he has a powerful ray gun.

You might think that digging is all Dig Dog Out is about. Well, you can actually select the level of difficulty you want to get started with. As you move on in the game, the difficulty and fun just keeps adding up.

Beware of the rocks that will crush you if you are not fast enough. Get rid of the nasty verbim as they will try to keep you from retrieving your bones. You are in for a great treat as you go through 50 fun and ever-challenging levels.

Enjoy the delicious twist brought in to the classic digging arcade game by Dig Dog Out! Expect the most challenging features. The one thing you must beware with, besides getting busted by verbims, is the lot of time that you might find yourself enjoying the fun of this addictive game.

I promise you that will fall in love with Rex in very little time. He is definitively the cutest dog to fall for! You get started with three lives that you can always get back. Once the game starts, you must go and get your bones back.

There are huge rocks that you can use to make the way of the moles harder. But be careful as these rocks can also crush you and take you to dog heaven. You must think of the best strategy keeping in mind that the most important thing to do is to retrieve your bones and build the best strategy to defeat your enemies.

So, is it exciting, or what?! Dig Dog Out might seem a bit challenging at the beginning, but it is so easy to getting used to the game and building up your strategy. You will be impressed at your own skills and will love every part of it.

Download this game and be ready for the best fun and entertainment for you and your family. You, your friends, and your family will love to have Rex within the family!

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