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'dillos HD

31 Aug 2013

'dillos HD game review

‘Dillos is a crazy puzzle game which makes you think outside the box.

Match coloured armadillos (‘dillos) to the appropriate squares on a six by six board. Various obstructions will bar the way in each scene and make it increasingly difficult to complete each level with a perfect score. There are a total of fifty levels and each area has new and exciting features that increase in difficulty.

Collect ants in each zone to earn bonus points and extra achievements. ‘Dillos starts with a small animation of armadillos living underground; they suddenly hear unusual noises and go to investigate.

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A new petrol station has been built on top of their home! The armadillos decide to gear up and get revenge by sabotaging the gas station. Constructo Corp does not stand a chance with you as their leader!

Each new area has an additional cut scene that continues the storyline and encourages you to keep battling against Constructo Corp. One of the most important aspects of the game is to use the scenery to your advantage.

On the first few levels armadillos will stop at obstacles and fall down holes on the map. Occasionally obstacles need to be demolished; you can destroy 3 organic (trees or bushes) objects on every level.

If you destroy the smallest amount of items possible you will gain an extra bonus when completing the level. Objects are destroyed by clicking on a lightening symbol located at the bottom left part of the screen.

When all of the three symbols have been used no more objects can be destroyed on the map. At the start of each level you will be given an amount of ‘dillos to use on the map. Regularly there are more ‘dillos then you will need.

Use the least amount of ‘dillos to get a bonus at the end of the level. The armadillos all have different colour shells and hair. It is important to match the correct colour ‘dillos to the correct squares on the map, they are marked on the floor with a cross.

When the correct ‘dillo sits on the square it will bury itself and the cross will fade out. When all of the squares have been faded the level is complete. On each level there are three ants. The insects are bonus’s and will give extra points; they do not need to be collected.

If all three ants are picked up while completing the level with the least amount of ‘dillos and objects destroyed it will give a perfect score. Complete all fifty levels with a perfect score to get the ultimate achievement and completely destroy Constructo Corp and save the armadillo’s habitat.

The graphics are very impressive when starting each new zone; a complete 3D area has been designed for the game. The gameplay is over a 2D style map with very detailed animations. ‘Dillos has some very impressive music and the sound effects are amusing to listen to.

The game is suitable for all ages and is fun for children and adults alike. It is very strategic and can be extremely challenging to complete all the levels perfectly.

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