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Dino Rocks HD

15 Sep 2013

Dino Rocks HD game review

Dino Rocks is the great new release from the developers Sungift Games.

This fantastic app is suitable for the whole family young and old. If you like puzzle games which present a challenge and require a lot of strategic thinking then this is the game for you. The most striking feature of this game has to be the graphics. Whoever created these graphics is a genius.

I was so impressed and to be honest the graphics in this game are some of the best that I have ever seen. They are bright, bold and modern.

Dino Rocks HD::By Sungift Games Dino Rocks HD::By Sungift Games Dino Rocks HD::By Sungift Games Dino Rocks HD::By Sungift Games Dino Rocks HD::By Sungift Games

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At first they reminded me of a cartoon style genre but the more I played it felt like I was watching a Disney pixel feature length film. The graphics were that good. The game features a very cute little dinosaur.

The dinosaur is the games central character who you have to help travel around the prehistoric environment. There are several puzzles which need to the solved and the cute little dinosaur is at the bottom of the screen throughout.

He is very adorable with some great expressions. I fell in love with him. The puzzles are really good and challenging and I found myself constantly entertained and challenged when trying to solve them. The setting of the game is fantastic.

It is in prehistoric times and has some great little caves which you have to guide the dinosaur around. In addition to solving the puzzles you have to move around the game trying to find the correct way to go and lead the dinosaur in the right direction.

Entrances have to be opened to see if you have found the right one and you also have to collect dinosaur eggs. There are so many stages, in excess of 100 so there is no chance of ever getting bored whilst playing this game as there is just so much to do.

I could not put it down once I started playing and can see myself spending a lot more time playing this great little game. Going back to the fantastic graphics, I found that they did a fantastic job and the developers created some brilliant environments – seven in total.

I really liked each of them. In addition to the levels available to play there is the option to even make your own level! You can do as you please and create whatever you want. This is quite a unique option for a game like this and again I was very impressed.

The controls were very easy and simple to use. From the beginning of the game the instructions were very simple to follow and I had no trouble navigating around the game and being able to manage the controls.

The background music to the game was perfectly suitable and very likeable and I felt complimented the game brilliantly. All in all this is a superb game with breath taking graphics, great game content and background music.

Suitable for the whole family I would certainly recommend this game.

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