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Dizzy Bunny Wings

31 Mar 2014

Dizzy Bunny Wings game review

Dizzy Bunny Wings is a free application for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

It is a cartoon style game that gives you control of a skiing bunny rabbit. As the rabbit you have to ski away from the big bad wolf, collect as many carrots as possible and use the terrain to gain high jumps and speed. When you open the application you will be greeted with a colourful screen, a pink rabbit and an evil looking wolf.

By default, the rabbit you control is pink, but not to worry! A blue rabbit is available if pink is not your style. You can change the rabbit by accessing the character select screen.

Dizzy Bunny Wings::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Dizzy Bunny Wings::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Dizzy Bunny Wings::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Dizzy Bunny Wings::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Dizzy Bunny Wings::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd

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It looks like a shopping trolley icon at the bottom of the page, as you can probably guess; there are also purchasable items in this section of the app. Now your character is setup and ready to go! To start the game press the play icon that has been chiselled out of the ice block on the main menu.

You will be given a choice of stages. To start with there is only a single stage available. More courses can be unlocked as you gain RP (Rabbit Points), this is the in-game points system. Spend these points to unlock new courses and other items in the shopping menu.

As the stage is selected from the list of available options the game will take you to the starting area. Your rabbit will be sitting on a large rock. To start, tap the screen. The rabbit will launch itself off the rock and start to ski along the surface.

To gain speed you will need to keep your finger on the screen as the rabbit is in the air and release your finger when it is on the ground. As you gain speed and get more height the jumps become increasingly difficult to judge.

To start with the controls will take a few attempts to get used to but the overall mechanics are very simple and you will soon understand how to play. The idea of the game is to complete the course without the wolf catching you.

The indicator at the bottom the screen will tell you how far away the wolf is. Next to the wolf indicator are two numbers, distance and score. The distance specifies how far you have travelled, the score is your overall points that you have been awarded on this run.

The score takes into consideration speed, height, distance and carrots. Carrots can be collected as you run through each stage. A special bubble is also available that attracts nearby carrots towards it.

When the level is finished the distance and score is converted into Rabbit Points. Dizzy Bunny Wings is a fantastic game that gets users interested immediately. The graphics are great and has good detail in the animations.

The gameplay is very simple to learn but difficult to master. The app is suitable for all ages and players will be addicted in no time at all!

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