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30 Jan 2014

DragonWarz game review

Clansmen, get your gear on and be ready to fight, because the Dark Lord is coming and he has no mercy.

A new game for the iPhone, called DragonWarz pitches you against hordes of demonic warriors with only one thing on their mind, and that is to defeat your armies through 10 engaging levels of gameplay.

DragonWarz is a fantastic new strategy game that matches you up against a sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) that reacts differently with each game played and each strategy that you might use to win the game.

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The fact that the gameplay never gets boring is a good enough reason to get this game, but that's just the beginning. Let's briefly take a look at how this game is played. First, like all good strategy games, you are going to need an army.

In DragonWarz, you have the ability to command either a group of hardy swordsmen, a band of archers or a brood of dragons that love nothing more than to make barbecue out of your enemies. Troop units have their own fighting characteristics that make certain troop units fight better against other specific types of troop units.

For example, a swordsman might be good against an archer, but a dragon is good against the swordsman etc. The basic objective of the game is to pick what kind of plan you will belong to, either elves, humans or dragon riders, and again each have their own unique abilities that help them in the game.

One reason this game is fun, is because the game is played differently depending on the type of clan you choose to fight with, and this increases the overall amount of fun you will have with this game.

Once your clan ready to fight, you need to use your troop units wisely and defeat 10 waves of enemies that will try to attack your castle. You must also attack the Dark Lords castle. You do this by tapping on the different troop units that you have available and then tapping your own castle to toggle defense or attack mode.

When your troops are in attack mode they will automatically attack the Dark Lords castle, and in defense of mode would do just the opposite and protect your castle from attack. You can only activate so many troop units at one time based on the number of points you have accumulated.

For example, one swordsman costs 10 points, and if you accumulate 50 points you can then activate five swordsmen. Archers cost 25 points and dragons cost 50 points points are accumulated automatically as time progresses in the game.

It is a unique and fun way to play. If you can defend your castle against all 10 waves of attacks from the Dark Lords minions, you will win the game, and you can check your high score from the game menu.

This game is easy to play, and in my opinion, also a lot of fun. I highly recommend that you pick up this game from the Apple iTunes store.

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