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Egyptian Senet

24 Apr 2014

Egyptian Senet game review

Egyptian Senet is a kind of chess game with 30 checks aligned horizontally as ten boxes in each of totally three rows. Senet is the game of Egyptian which is dated from around 3500 BC.

Egyptian Senet is a very addictive game with the state of the art graphic which will mesmerize you immediately just after seeing the game introduction and just like the cherry over the cake is the very mystic music of this game will make feel that you are living in Egypt or maybe inside a very spooky pyramid.

The same kind of game just like chess, which is being reciprocated for the Apple device lovers.

Egyptian Senet::By Ezzat Studios Egyptian Senet::By Ezzat Studios Egyptian Senet::By Ezzat Studios Egyptian Senet::By Ezzat Studios Egyptian Senet::By Ezzat Studios

Egyptian Senet screenshots











I am a housewife, recently married and very much consumed with the household work. I was working as a marketing executive. I had very busy days when I was working, but now I started to feel very boring just doing same routine work day after day. I have an iPhone and iPad which I use very often for gaming and for communicating with my friends and family. In the same way, for passing my leisure time i checked for any new interesting game in my iPad and then I came across this beautiful new game called Egyptian Senet.

This game is not only interesting, but it made me to concentrate better. Though this is just a game, the concept and the features which the developers have designed it were very good and catchy. In the new version of this game, I can able to play in two player mode as well, which me and my husband have started playing it and is making us to interact even better with more fun after he comes from the work.

Of course, I bought this game for around $0.99, but it does worth it and moreover I can tell that this price for such a kind of game is very cheap. If I am the developer of this game, I would’ve for sure cost it more than $3 for the entertainment, fun, graphics and the awesome music. Egyptian Senet is such a spectacular history game for sure.

Egyptian Senet in your device requires is 4.3 version and which is easily compatible with other devices from Apple as well. It can be an iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch too. This game is as well optimized for the iOS 5 version as well. The languages start from English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, with many other language options as well including traditional Chinese!

Egyptian Senet, one of the best games I have in my iPad. I can definitely rate Egyptian Senet as an excellent game for its graphics, music, gaming concept and gaming feature and of course for the game itself. But one single advice is this game is dangerously addictive and will make you consume most of your time for it till you make Queen Nefertari to join with the Gods of Afterlife.

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