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23 Oct 2013

ElephantToss Lite game review

Elephant Toss is a very amusing game that tasks you with using your finger to do a ring toss game, with the catch being that you're trying to toss the rings onto an elephant's tusks.

This game has a great sense of humor, which is on display via the game's opening cinematic, which shares the rest of the game's fun, cartoonish feel.

Your character will then get his chance to toss as many rings onto the target of the elephant's long tusks as he can.

ElephantToss Lite::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd ElephantToss Lite::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd ElephantToss Lite::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd ElephantToss Lite::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd ElephantToss Lite::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd

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While the game is very basic at heart, it is also very addictive and fun, with some added layers of depth. You throw rings by touching your character and then sliding your finger a little in the direction of where you want to throw.

How far you slide your finger determines the power of your throw, and the direction determines the angle. The controls are very responsive and allow for very high throws that momentarily leave the screen, as well as very low throws that skitter along the ground, and everything in between.

The game gets an added boost of challenge because the game has different wind conditions that require a different type of throw. On the bottom of the screen, it will occasionally have an arrow that indicates forward or backward along with a number, and that gives you an idea of how much more or less power you may need for a good throw.

You are scored according to your efforts, as you receive points every time you toss a ring onto the elephant's tusks. Of course, you get no points if you fail to do so, and when you hit the elephant in the head or elsewhere, you lose a few points, so you don't want to throw bank shots off of the elephant's head if you can manage not to.

The atmosphere is bolstered not only by the fun, cartoon-inspired graphics, but also by the up-tempo tribal style music, which features lots of drums and energy, but doesn't become annoying to listen to.

Sound effects like the sound of the rings being thrown also add to the experience. If you are in a place where you need to be quiet, though, you can turn off either the background music, the sound effects, or both in the in-game options menu.

Elephant Toss provides many different levels of fun, with 13 levels in all to play and enjoy. During play, I found that the difficulty level was very appropriate, as the game encourages you to learn the ropes before making things very hard.

This is a game that I can see many people getting addicted to and devoting lots of time to play. Best of all, because of the game's casual nature, it's fun to play for both long periods of time and brief snippets of time if you are out and about and just need something to do for a few minutes.

Android users who want a new game to pass the time with should definitely check out Elephant Toss.

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