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Escapade - The Game

25 Feb 2014

Escapade - The Game game review

Escapade is the new game published by Csharks Games for iOS and Android platforms.

Game is built around a mother guppy fish who struggle safeguard her little guppies. iOS version of the game available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and Android version is available for more than 2400 android devices with touch and tilt control capabilities.

It is a casual game in action / adventure genre and it is available for free. Game has an under water theme with pleasing graphics and nice music and sound fix.











Game is designed with 20 levels which gets more challenging as levels progress. Also the iOS version is featured with six different action modes and one of the modes is available for free. Mother guppy lives in a dangerous sea bed which is home to many predators.

However she need to survive there and get to a less dangerous area. As time progresses she will have new guppies to tag along and they start following her forming a tail. Then the task will become really difficult for mother to survive and safeguard the little ones.

Game play is controlling the guppy fish movement so that the mother guppy or little guppies avoid any incoming dangers. Game is happening in sea bed with many predators like sharks, piranhas, eels etc, which may attack the guppies.

Also there are dangers like bombs, mines & submarines, touching them will end all the lives. So the player objective is to safeguard the mother & guppies from these dangers while traveling through sea bed.

Additional to avoiding the dangers, player has an objective to help the guppy to survive. Hence we need to collect food and fishes smaller than guppy to maintain the health. Player need to collect the coins, treasures, ornaments etc to earn score in the game play.

Also there are some special collectables like Predator, Speed Potion, Enemy Flush which helps guppy to kill, speed up or avoid all enemies for sometime. Game play can be controlled either via Tilt or Touch control, which can be changed from the settings of the game according to player's interest.

The special action modes in iOS version has some thrilling game play. There are six different action modes with unique game play. In action modes there are no levels but player has to play for a particular objective for a particular time.

Piranha action mode is made available free and others need to be purchased from AppStoreiOS version the game is featured with Game Center. There are different leader boards implemented in which the player can get ranked based on their playing skills.

Also there are 20 different achievements implemented which player can attain in game play. You will be ranked with many achievements like Best mother if you protect your little ones from your enemies perfectly without losing any one and will also get additional points according to the number of treasures you have collected.

You will be awarded with special badges for such achievements. Score loop is implemented in Android version for the same leader board and achievements. Players can share the game scores through social networks like Facebook & Twitter.

Also they can share their achievements and major collectables on social networks and challenge their friends to beat the same. Game will be enjoyable for casual game loves of all age groups from kids to elder people.

Game is designed so that player can continue their story mode game play from where they stopped last time. The android version of the game will be updated soon with the different game modes as well. Thousands of people have enjoyed this game so far and it is getting wonderful reviews on the iTunes store.

If you are a casual game player Escapade is a game that you should not miss.

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