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Eyes - the horror game

12 May 2013

Eyes - the horror game game review

I have always been a fan of horror games, the latest port of the indie game "Eyes the Horror Game" is no exception.

This game is now available for the iPhone and iPad, and it blends intuitive game controls, with a vast sound effects lineup and fun gameplay. Let's take a look and see how to play the game.

When you first begin the game, you are giving instruction to collect money bags, which have been placed, throughout a haunted house.

Eyes - the horror game::By Gameverse Paulina Pabis Eyes - the horror game::By Gameverse Paulina Pabis Eyes - the horror game::By Gameverse Paulina Pabis Eyes - the horror game::By Gameverse Paulina Pabis Eyes - the horror game::By Gameverse Paulina Pabis

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In the first level, you must collect all 20 bags before you are allowed to proceed to the next level. The bags are placed inside of cabinets, chests and other objects, so you must investigate all objects that you encounter in your path.

The game is quite creepy, given the sound effects and music that play in the background as you traverse the haunted house. There is just a little lighting to show your way, so you need to take advantage of the built-in map which will guide you throughout your journey.

Along the way, there are "Eyes" that opens up different sections of the map, thus giving you more clues on where to walk next. If, along the way, you start to hear some scary music, and the music gets louder, it means that a ghostly apparition is in the area.

If you encounter a ghost, you must run or hide; otherwise the ghost will kill you, and that means the end of the game. The game controls are quite easy to use, you have a thumb pad joystick to control your movement forward, backward, left and right, and you use your other hand to look up and down.

When entering doors and rooms, you just move toward the door, and it will open automatically, unless it is locked. Quite honestly, when I first started playing this game, I actually felt a little hair on the back of my neck rise, because the game makers have expertly weaved the scary music with the sound effects, and I found it to be a highly immersive experience.

You may not want to play this game with your very young children as they might get scared, but this is what this game is all about, it is a horror game. If you do get killed in the game, then you need to start from the start of the current level.

Additional in game settings allow you to adjust the sound level, the touch sensitivity and the brightness. I preferred to leave the brightness setting as it was because the low light definitely made the game more engaging and positively scarier.

I think of all of the games I have played in this genre, this game is surely the scariest I have ever played on the iPad, and if you are looking for a scary game, then you won't be disappointed. I also found this game to be one that will take you a long time to finish as there are many rooms and areas to explore, and due to the fact that there are many floors and doors to open, you might find yourself retracing your steps using the map a lot.

This is a magnificent game, and I recommend it.

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