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FaceMash Celebrity Edition

16 Jun 2013

FaceMash  Celebrity Edition game review

So do you think you know your favourite celebrities? Are you spending a lot of time reading about celebrities? Can you not get enough celebrity information?

Well now it is time to put what you know about celebrities to the test, with a unique and interesting game available on the iTunes store called Celebrity FaceMash.

Celebrity FaceMash at it's core, is a "match the face to a celebrity" style of game, but here is the twist: All of the celebrity faces in this game are a combination different celebrity faces mashed together. You need to guess each of the celebrities correctly to progress in the game.

FaceMash Celebrity Edition::By Flaming Mitten Studios Ltd FaceMash Celebrity Edition::By Flaming Mitten Studios Ltd FaceMash Celebrity Edition::By Flaming Mitten Studios Ltd FaceMash Celebrity Edition::By Flaming Mitten Studios Ltd FaceMash Celebrity Edition::By Flaming Mitten Studios Ltd

FaceMash Celebrity Edition screenshots

When you first start the game, you are prompted with some nice looking graphics to either start playing by tapping the Play button, or to go to the Shop. The Shop contains links to in-app purchases including 20 hint, 50 hint, 100 hint and "unlock all levels" items. If you want to start playing, and start guessing celebrities, then you tap the Play button to start. There are a whopping 240 celebrities to guess, so this is a good time killer app also.

The game is played in multiple levels. When you tap Play and enter the first level, you are presented with a list of 24 celebrity faces that have been paired and "mashed" together. I have to admit, some of the faces mashed together are quite funny to look at. It is your job to select each of the celebrity face mashups, and guess the celebrities. Once you finish the first level, you continue on until you correctly guess all 240 celebrities that appear in this game.

To make a guess on a celebrity face mashup, just tap on the face you want to guess at, and you will be shown a couple of blank lines where you can tap on, and make your guess. When you make your guess, you will be presented with a text input, where you can type in the name of a celebrity. Once you type in the name of a celebrity, you tap the Check button to see if you are correct.

If you are correct in your guess, you will be informed that you now need to guess the second celebrity. If you get stuck, you can tap on one of the lightbulb icons, that prompt you if you want to use one of your hints.

If you still get stuck, and you use all your hints, you can also buy hints from the online store by tapping on the basket icon. If you totally give up, you can tap on the R icon (stands for Reveal) which will allow you to reveal the two celebrities at a cost of 4 hints.

The game is very easy to play, and a lot of fun to see the funny pictures that have been created by the Celebrity FaceMash. The game is perfect for those who read the variety papers or follow the Hollywood stars, or basically people who are famous, it is a challenge though, and I found myself going through the hints.

Overall, I find this game to be fun and appealing, and the face mashups are challenging. I recommend you get this game today from the iTunes store and go test your celebrity recognition skills.

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