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Fireball SE

17 Nov 2013

Fireball SE game review

Fireball SE is a game in which the player has to navigate around avoiding large groups of opposition in an open stadium. The only difficulty is the player can’t fire. Alternatively, the player must lead the opposition to their death by way of explosions.

The game initially was a small after thought for a larger arcade game, however, here, the game has been filled out much more with extra features such as new rules and regulations, levels, accomplishments and score methods.

As a result of these new added features the game is vastly improved. The game does have some comparisons to other similar games but putting comparisons to one side, this game is immensely fun to play independently.

Fireball SE is divided down into three stages of play all of which share the same primary operations. The aim of the game is to guide a ball of fire around the stadium using a pliable and modifiable joystick.

Fireball SE::by Radiangames Fireball SE::by Radiangames Fireball SE::by Radiangames Fireball SE::by Radiangames Fireball SE::by Radiangames

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The opposition ascend starting in the corners of the stadium and spread outwards. In addition to this, explosions begin to come into sight. The player must navigate past the explosions to attempt to set them off on a lesser timer or alternatively crash into them to make them explode. The activity may be slowed down if it becomes too fast by pressing the other thumb not in use down to activate Meltdown. This will slow game play and give a few moments to allow player to regain mastery.

Fireball SE complies with similar fundamental conventions of other avoid and live games. Whilst the game can’t be considered to be on par with a two stick firing game, it does have definite common ground with one. The player must navigate their ball of fire through a specific range whilst attempting to avoid large groups of enemies which ascend and attempt to live for as long as they can. To eradicate the opposition from the game whilst also trying to achieve a high score, the player must explode arbitrary bombs which appear by making contact with them with their ball of fire. The practice of weapons making contact in order for them to be shot is typical in this type of game. Other than making contact, Fireball SE gives the player an option of setting bombs to explode on a slow timer as opposed to making them explode instantly. This is achieved by the ball of fire brushing past but not contacting the bombs. Once this tactic has been surpassed it will allow the player to use a different stage of delicacy and conduct which will award them in higher prizes of combinations and high scores.

The commands for the game are just right and to be considered amongst the best virtual joystick commands players are likely to find in any iOS game. The defined controls give players principle control and accuracy on their fireball as they swerve in between the opposition. Players also have the choice to reduce the time by the use of a meter which is filled with collected items lost by the defeated opposition. This will assist players when the game becomes extremely difficult and will help make the game last longer for and create more enjoyment.

There are several variations within the game such as speed, the arrangement of the opposition’s ascent, how often explosions come into sight and such like.

As well as a pleasing beat heard in the game, there is also very classy art which appears in a blue and orange way to further compliment it. There are a mass of accomplishments which can be won within the game play. An easy stage of the game is available allowing a lower stage of difficulty with matching lower scores. With regards to the packaging, whilst this is not to be considered outstanding, it certainly does not alter the game within which can only be described as amazing. 

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