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Foosball Classic

05 May 2013

Foosball Classic game review

Foosball Classic is fast-action foosball game with 3D physics and a unique control mode that allows you to roll your device just as you were rolling the table's real handle.

The gameplay is hard to master, but it's quite fun once you get use to its logic.

For those who found it too difficult to control, there's also an option for traditional touch operation, sliding up and down to move the players, and left-right to perform shoots and passes.

Foosball Classic::By Nazareno Almiron Foosball Classic::By Nazareno Almiron

Foosball Classic screenshots

There's also an hybrid combination where you can slide up and down to move the players, and quickly roll the device for wild shooting. The game is played following the rules of a real foosball table, so once the match starts, you and your opponent count with a limited number of balls (3, 5 or 7), that you must get into the opponent's goal line before he scores on yours.

Once all the balls are gone, the team with the higher score wins, and there's no chance for a match to end in a draw. The visuals resemble old and rusty foosball tables, the ones you can still find in lost bars or other underground locals.

You can customize the team's name and color, and also the "stadium" colors and field texture. There's also a chance to play the game with a little extra helping force that keeps the ball sticking to the players like a weak magnet.

That mode is hardly recommended to begin with the game, because without it the simulation-like experience might result very frustrating. There are two AI opponent modes: an easy one for beginners, and the hard mode, where the players knows exactly what they need to do, and so you must exceed that perfection in order to score.

You can also choose between four different game speeds, but be sure that the last one goes as fast as you will ever see! The sound effects you'll hear in-game were captured from real foosball tables, so you will get the real feeling of being in front of those iron dinosaurs, while a screaming crowd will cheer you up the best like in a real soccer stadium.

In Single Player mode you can play a single match with custom options and visual, or challenge a series of opponents with a increasing difficulty and game speed. But the most fun moments you can have with these games comes with the 2 Players mode, with a split screen, touch control, and frenetic action to challenge your friends.

Foosball Classic offers you really unique features you won't find in other foosball games. The overall gameplay will make you recall the old foosball tables in a simulation-like game among lots of arcade styled competitors.

The camera will follow the ball from a stationary point emulating your own head's movement while playing the real game, and still you got tons of options to experiment with, customizing the game experience in a way that you'll feel it like your own.

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