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Freeze It

08 Nov 2013

Freeze It game review

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, but do not have the ‘Freeze it” on your device, then you are sadly missing out. ‘Freeze It’ is a fun-filled game that infuses in it the spirit of learning.

The Freeze It app was developed by Noiz Studios. The App was launched for free on October 28, 2013. The version available currently is the first of its kind. This version, v1. 0, is available for usage at present.

The Freeze it app is available on the App Store for free. This app is best suited and compatible with iPad. The app is set to see an upgraded version soon. Rumor has it that the upgrade can be expected on November 30.

Freeze It::By Noiz Studios Freeze It::By Noiz Studios Freeze It::By Noiz Studios Freeze It::By Noiz Studios

Freeze It screenshots

This app requires an iOS for operation. Versions 4. 3 or later are can access this application. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. It was originally designed for usage with iPhone 5. This is a creative game that increases your vocabulary and spelling.

It is an educational way of killing time. It makes a person think smart. When you play this game, you need to constantly be at the end of your wits. How it works? In this game, first you have to type one word for each category.

The player with the correct answer in the lowest time wins. If acceptable words are typed, the opponents clock freezes, declaring you the winner. Every word has a different score. Longer words earn you higher score.

Using special letters can also be an upside earning you bonus points. At the end of each round, the person with the higher score wins. How to play? You can challenge your friends. But your friends need to have this app on their Apple device.

You can play live; you can challenge random strangers and beat them. You can also play against an opponent. In this game, you can unlock achievements and avatars, as you gain more points. The game has the typical iPhone background.

The screen has the category displayed at the top. Right below the category, you have space to display everything you type. The lower half of the screen is dedicated to the alphabets. But, beware- the letters are jumbled up.

You cannot use the QWERTY keypad. Special letters are denoted as thus, by colored circles having a distinct meaning of their own. The score card is very similar to the ‘Hearts’ screen that you used to play ages ago on your computer to pass some time.

The four users are placed towards the four sides. Each player's score is found next to the players’ names. This game can be very addictive. More often than not, the beginners end up on the losing side. Just when you almost had it, the screen freezes, announcing that you lost.

This is one of the games you can play without reading the ‘How-to-play’ and the instructions. Just go with the flow, and you will really enjoy this game.

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