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Frenzy Pop

01 Nov 2013

Frenzy Pop game review

The game is certainly one which has a lot to take in. Within this review we will see what fizzes away in the game and bubbles to the surface and if anything in this platform game needs to be popped.

To complete the stages you must become an expert and faultlessly go from move to move. You must jump on a blade, spin through burrows, and switch from drifting and dropping by the use of Pop Power in sporadic blasts so you don’t go so fast and lance yourself on one of the blades.

These drink related jokes could go on and on but if we did so then that would certainly be the last straw. Let us take a bigger gulp of this drinks related game.

You must then slow down carefully by using a wall and promptly try to reach safety before you embark on the mission of combining moves whilst moving through the next set of challenges.

Frenzy Pop::by Syed Ali Zahir Frenzy Pop::by Syed Ali Zahir Frenzy Pop::by Syed Ali Zahir Frenzy Pop::by Syed Ali Zahir Frenzy Pop::by Syed Ali Zahir

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Within the game you will also find other features which you will find in other games of this genre such as League of Evil. The comical character Mr Pop has many abilities which include being able to leap off walls to an area quite high and then safely lower himself down to the ground again. He is also capable of rolling and avoiding the danger of the oncoming blades. There is an orange pop bottle which wears sun glasses and also has the luxury of “Pop Power”. If you hold down one of the buttons Mr Pop can flick off his lid and shoot out fizz bubbles which shoot up at a high velocity. There is an energy indicator to show how much energy to have to do this. Once used up it can be easily filled again. This game is based on a race against the clock so you must be quick thinking in order to complete this game and manage to collect the gold tops!

In order to move around you must use the buttons. The arrow keys can help you leap and roll around but one down side is that they are situated so closely to each other that you are in danger of pressing the wrong button. One manoeuvre you can perform involves Mr Pop being next to wall completely motionless and if you press the leap button Mr Pop will carry out a wall jump manoeuvre on the condition the button you pressed was in the direction of the wall, which, in the event of most games of this genre, it usually is.

If you continue to press the leap button during these wall jumps then the controls will register this as a double jump. This could be quite dangerous on certain stages which have obstacles you may land on. Mr Pop has two main variations of moving, well executed moves which are simple to perform or hurtling along in a dangerous fashion as if the walls are dripped in oil.

You will spring off walls like a trapeze artist and at certain times this will shoot you so high it will make the leap worth all the hard work. On occasions you will need to perform a double leap which could be tricky if the wall decides to shoot you up high. The stages contain so many challenges that the game constantly remains fast and feeling new. If you like to conclude things then like me you will enjoy the task of finding all the hidden drink cans on each stage and unlocking various other tasks which are available such as super difficult levels which really test you and your ability to use the controls. If you can complete these extra stages then you certainly are left feeling good about yourself.

This game is cheaply priced at one dollar which is excellent value for money considering all that is one offer including the many stages and additional ones you can unlock and also the possibility of more stages being introduced soon.

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