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Fruit Slinger

26 Sep 2014


Do you want to test your slinging target ability? Or be the best sharp shooter in your community? Better try this new and best application the “Exalt LLC.” Utilize the fruits and hit the moving target. This game app will surely enhance your slinging ability to hit a target.
You can choose from different categories to start the game, choose from, Timed, Limited and Trick, you can also train before starting the game.


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Fruit Slinger screenshots

You will have to undergo 60 stages. Only the stage one is unlock, the rest is your job to open it by successfully finishing each level with the required points. The points earned by this game is 10 coins each hit. This game also has store in it to further purchase the things that will help you with your journey to unlock all the stages. This things includes; Time wrap, slings and explosives.

You can also be a fruit slinging sheriff of your own and be the best slinger in the world. This game will not only increase your slinging ability but also your thinking ability as well, because you will ought to really focus on the game and set your timing in order to hit the target. Tap the screen or get wild and swing your device to wind up the power of the toss. This will help increasing your timing ability in all things that requires timing. There are lot of various things that you can learn from this game. This game can be enjoyed not only by the little ones but also the old ones. This is not just a game, it is more of increasing and developing your ability and skills and coordination for further attraction of success in the future.

You can choose from various fruits that you want such as; banana, apple, mangoes, kiwis, watermelons and more. You can gain badge in every level. The more your fruit flippn’ finesse grows the more badges you will earn. This game app will surely offer you the enjoyment that you want as you unlock all the stages and finishes to the end. This will surely need a mindful activity to hit your target and be the best slinger in town. You can also share your results in facebook to show your friends how great you are in this game and let them try it for themselves to see who will be the greatest among all your friends.

You can enjoy playing with your family, you can set a contest that has a price, so that you and your family will surely enjoy competing for the price. Show them how best you are with your slinging ability. Stunned them all, and be the champion. This game can offer a great family time or even with your friends. Make use of your time, let those boring time turn into good ones.

It is now available in GooglePlay and Appstore. So what are you waiting for? Be the first Exalt LLC champion in the world.



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