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28 Apr 2014

FunEaster game review

While Easter Holidays are approaching, I was already looking for something nice to give my children.

Then, I remember my childhood, when we used to get together and search for the Easter Eggs our parents used to hide in the neighborhood. They were wonderful times and I was feeling sad about my kids disinterest for such activities. My sadness however ended abruptly, the moment I found Fun Easter Lite on Google Play.

Fun Easter Lite is a cute and simple game for Android. Basically, all you need to do is collect Easter eggs hidden in the grass before some rabbits get to them.

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The rules are simple, you need to tap the screen when an egg appears and collect it. As a consequence, the game is quite entertaining and suitable for young children who cannot read or write as it is all based on images.

It tastes however our agility and speed of reaction which is a good thing, especially if you want to give the game to your kids. At a first glance, all levels in the game look the same. However, the difficulty increases every time you start a new one, up to the point it will be very difficult to collect the eggs before the rabbits.

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that in order to complete a level, you need to collect one hundred Easter eggs before the rabbits. Therefore, if you manage to collect one hundred and the rabbits only ninety, you win.

Fun Easter Lite, as its name implies, it’s a funny game. It doesn’t need a story or characters, others than the rabbits that are jumping on the screen searching for eggs. It is a good remainder of our childhood games and because of that, it is something you would want to give your children before Easter.

They’ll be entertained and at the same time they will take a quick look on how their parents used to spend their holidays, back then when computers were as expensive as cars and as slow as a wristwatch, when the tablets or the smart phones were just some wicked creations of the sci-fi genre.

Did I enjoy Fun Easter Lite? Well, yes, I did. And I think the game was worth it. I’ve spent a couple of joyful hours among the rabbits and the eggs and managed to reach the tenth level in my first attempt.

The graphics are also impeccable, and so is the sound. It’s playable on mute as well and therefore, it won’t annoy the other persons in the room. Fun Easter Lite is available on Google Play for free, it is easy to install and doesn’t need much space on your phone or tablet drive.

It took me only a few taps in the screen to get it, install it and play the first level. I think my kids will be happy and at least for a day, they will let me enjoy my Easter, while they will be preoccupied with something else than watching TV, running through the house or playing drums.

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