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Fungus Shark Attack

14 Sep 2013

Fungus Shark Attack game review

Fungus Shark Attack is the great new release by the creators Moez Ali Co. Ltd.

This game is great fun to play and very light hearted. This is a brand new release and from what I can see from playing already is that it is going to be a very popular platform game. The game is available for iPhone, iPad and Ipod touch so far but in the future it may be developed for other plat forms too.

As the player you have to guide the shark through a wide variety of different scenes in order to get him to his main goal which is reaching the octopus.

Fungus Shark Attack::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Fungus Shark Attack::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Fungus Shark Attack::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Fungus Shark Attack::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd Fungus Shark Attack::By Moez Ali Co.Ltd

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Along the way you will be faced with numerous challenges and obstacles and also be able to collect different bonus prizes and points. This is very straight forward game which is great fun to play. Because it is so light hearted it is suitable for players of all different ages.

The little fishes in the game are very cute and likable and the shark is quite funny at times. I had great fun playing this game. The graphics are very striking indeed. They are bold and very colourful and look almost cartoon like.

Because of the way the graphics are designed they will appeal to younger players as well as older. They make great use of colour so it is easy to see your character at all times, where you are going, any dangers presented and ultimately your final goal.

The controls are very simple and easy to use and I had no trouble getting to grips with them and guiding the shark on his way and bouncing him from item to item. The back ground music and sound effect was also very quirky and light hearted and suited the game perfectly adding to the fun factor of it all.

If you do like a challenge then this game is great for that as you constantly have to try and beat your own high score on each game. If you do not just want to compete against yourself and your own personal best high score then you can play against friends too.

The app lets you share you score on social net working sites such as Twitter and Face book so you can immediately share and show off you high score. You can also see what your friends have achieved so you can compete against them and try to beat their score.

Overall this is a fantastic little app which is great fun to play. I found it very addictive and could not put it down as I was constantly replaying in order to beat my own score time and time again. The characters in the game are very likeable which also added to the pleasure of game play and made me connect with it.

In addition to this the graphics are great, as is the game content and music. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys plat form games with a challenge. This is a great game suitable for the whole family.

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