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08 Dec 2013

Furmins game review

The players have the role of the furmins who need to save their king no matter what. The furmins have to reach the basket form their starting position at the end of each level.

Basically, the players set up a level hoping that the furmins make it through the end, hit play, the wait for the outcome. When you set up your level, just hit the play button on the top corner, and then you can see your furmins come out of their home, the real fun begins.

Quite often they will pop off your ill poisoned trampolines and simply get stuck, while you have to press the reset button to start it all over again hoping for a better attempt.

Furmins::by Marquee Productions Furmins::by Marquee Productions Furmins::by Marquee Productions Furmins::by Marquee Productions Furmins::by Marquee Productions

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You place other objects, press play and see what happens. If the levels fail you have to sort out the platforms, ice blocks, and other pre-set bits, the real game starts. As soon as you set things in motion you have to adapt to quick reflex moves like triggering other platforms at just the right moment or switching conveyor belt directions. It is all a matter of controlling the environment around them, since several items such as trampolines, different types of ice blocks and suction tunnels can confuse things neatly.

Furmins has a great level design, each of these levels have the same target, to get all the fuzz-ball furmins into a basket. You cannot interact with either, you have to create your own path, and often there is only one solution. Though you do not have several tools, the game can be quite a challenge in finding new solutions. You have to be creative and sort out the levels.

Playing this game is fairly simple, with touch based controls to pull and set objects on each level. Occasionally, when put together a level to your liking, there are certain levels that make it interactive after you press play. Either you are “bumping” the furmins or turn the direction of a treadmill; you will have a lot fun playing this game even shortly after you started the game. Either way this game is about fun, regardless of the level.

By collecting all the sweets in every level you earn stars, with which you can unlock worlds. (the game has a three star system. Is there a physics game that is complete without one?) You earn three stars per level or six if you manage to pick up the star- doubling addition hid away in the store.

The furmins are really cute, and the animation is very well made. The graphics is in classic style compared to other games of this type. The background looks great, with pleasant elements. The earthy tone dominates all over and the wooden framing of the puzzles just rewards its design with a hint of precision. The hand draw visuals stand out the most and are quite a feast to the eye, making the whole experience worthwhile.

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