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Gemstone Jamboree

25 Jul 2014

Gemstone Jamboree game review

There are thousands of gaming apps (probably millions now) out there and it’s up to you to take your pick. Lots of games like the well-known Candy Crush are dominating the scene of games.

They are highly addictive for some reason and some would really even get the paid version of the app. Boy do we all remember the days when Angry Birds was the talk of the universe.

And now the likes of the Candy Crush is on the rise. This new app is going to be a hit only if you have decided to be finally bored playing Candy Crush. Seriously, that game is like a drug!

Gemstone Jamboree::By Craig Jorgensen Gemstone Jamboree::By Craig Jorgensen Gemstone Jamboree::By Craig Jorgensen Gemstone Jamboree::By Craig Jorgensen Gemstone Jamboree::By Craig Jorgensen

Gemstone Jamboree screenshots

Gemstone Jamboree has more features than Candy Crush like this has more levels and the graphics change in each level that you are in. It’s actually more challenging and rewarding this one. Will you lose track of time whilst playing this? Absolutely! We have to say that the graphic is definitely on point. The resolution is awesome and the blending of colors and its brightness is just perfect. The sound they have incorporated with it is pretty much entertaining as well and it’s not that annoying. It just sounds right for the game.

Another best part of this app is that it’s not only candies that you will be solving here there are other characters along the way on each levels. You will see fruits as well and you will love the colors and how bright they are. The navigation is pretty easy to figure out. Kids who are 5 years old could probably do well on this game and it won’t even take a lot of their time to figure it out. And also you might want to know that this game is also FREE! So really, there’s nothing to lose when you download it (except for time though because you will be glued to it). But then again, it’s not a complete waste of time if you had fun with it.

This is for iOS and Android owners if you have the iPhone or any Android phone , you will be glad to know that you have he enhanced version of this game. You must have iOS 5.1 or later. It’s a must now that you download it on your phone and your iPad so you would save yourself from boredom in case you are having some free time and you don’t know exactly what to do with it.

So if you love some challenging games but at the same time you don’t want to have a real hard time navigating the interface, then this is the game for you. From the graphics, the sounds to the mechanics of the game; this is pure entertainment. You will not regret downloading because you will have loads of fun. Whether it will be on your iPhone or iPad, you will surely appreciate the works that the developer did on this game. So enjoy and play with it to kill time because, it’s a good way to be relaxed.




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