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Go Go Woony

10 Sep 2013

Go Go Woony game review

Go Go Woony is the latest release by the developers Extra Live.

This game is great fun and from the start I could see the entertainment potential. The aim of the game is that the player takes on the role of a very cute deer and you must get the deer safely around the worlds as quickly as possible whilst accumulating lots of special bonus prizes and rewards and avoiding obstacles which come in the way.

The game is very fast and very challenging so you have to be quick of the mark and use your reflexes. The graphics are very quirky indeed. They are very bold and vibrant and have a great cartoon feel to them.

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Whilst I would say the graphics would appeal to a younger generation of players they are still suitable for adults. They way the deer and other characters are portrayed are very cute so you cant but help fall in love with them.

If you like a challenge then this game is ideal as you have to pass numerous achievements whilst attempting to not only beat your own previous high score but that of other players too. One great feature which I really liked was the option of endless replay so you can keep trying over and over again to beat you previous score.

It is easy to keep track of your progress with regards to health and points earned as these are clearly featured in the top two corners of the screen. There are three great different worlds available on the game so you will not get bored or fed up of repetitive game play.

The three worlds available are themed on the earth, ocean and the sky. There are 30 stages to play and as the stages progress they begin to get harder as things speed up. This again makes the game great entertainment as the challenge is constantly stepped up so you have to work harder and keep practising and trying to improve your playing skills.

I could not put this game down and my competitive streak came out which made me just want to keep playing. At times the game became quite comical and I found myself laughing out loud. The music which accompanied the game was perfectly suitable to the content of the game and in line with the graphics I found it quite quirky too.

The controls were very easy to understand and use although as things began to speed up I had to practice to improve my skills and quick reaction reflex. This really did get the adrenaline pumping. The controls allowed me to go faster and faster , slow down, jump, ski, bump into items or steer clear out of the way.

Basically they offered everything I needed to try and do my best in the game but it was all dependant on my quick reactions and smart thinking. This game also gave the option to share on social networking sites so I could try and beat the scores of my friends which is great for people with a competitive streak.

Overall this game is fast and fun. It gets the heart going and the adrenaline pumping. Great graphics, great content and game play, hours of entertainment and perfect for competitive game players. I think this is a clever well thought game and would certainly say it is worth a play.

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