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God Toys

01 Jun 2014

God Toys game review

Have you ever thought about how God did create the world, human being and other animals, light, sun and sky? According to the Bible, he created them all in 7 days with real love and temptation.

Anuloid games has made a great game giving you a chance to create the world from tiny atom to a giant sun, Niagara falls, mountain Ararat, Amazon and more. First of all before starting the game it would be grateful if you could make love with all the things around you and think how much they are blessed to you.

So let’s start our journey of making the world via God Toys game. Download it free from Google play. The best thing is the game is fully compatible with android 2.3 and up. So you can install and play it nicely even on a bit older device.

God Toys::By Anuloid Games God Toys::By Anuloid Games God Toys::By Anuloid Games

God Toys screenshots


Make sure to increase the volume and brightness a little to have a good gaming experience. At the beginning I suggest you to click on the help button first which is at bottom right. You will see a comprehensive guide to play the game and some other vital things you need to get to know. Also there is a link to a video tutorial which helps to understand the game easily and effectively.

Settings menu of God Toys is located at bottom left. By accessing it you can turn on or off music, “God’s voice” and access some other helpful features like Facebook connection, Managing purchases, getting support via an email and check other games of the developer.

Okay let’s play the game now. Just tap the play button on the start screen and you can select the day you need to play with. If you are a beginner you can go for day one only. Others are locked until you complete day one. Then you will see the contests of that day. Pick the first if you are a new player or else you can go to the contest you need to complete next.

See how simple the God Toys game is, all you need to do is filling the hollow spaces with respective colored balls on “God’s hands” to create an element. You can control the aim of the ball to the rotating middle by sliding the fingers on two sides of the screen. Once you have got the aim, immediately take off your finger and release the ball. It will then combine with the corresponding hollow space. Once you have filled all the hollow spaces by God’s balls, you will create an element or a creature and ready to go to next level.

While playing the game, God gives you super powered balls such as Divine eye, Holy beam, Rainbow etc. They have powers to help you in making your element easily and fast. If you like to have some more divine eyes you can buy them from in app purchases at a concessionary price or you can get them for free by sharing your achievements in Facebook or sending invitations to your Facebook friends. You can access in app purchases by clicking the eye signed button on the start screen, as well as during the game from top menu when you pause the game.

If you are a person who is very patient with a highly concentrated mind, you can play God Toys game and feel how God created all the things around us and see the powers of him. You will definitely get surprised!!!

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