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10 Nov 2013

Gridrunner game review

For many of us, the fondest memories of our childhoods where playing video games, and contrary to popular belief, the systems of the past where nowhere near as advanced as they are today.

But it is still great to see an old classic re-worked and released on a new platform, with all the advancements that inherently come with it. The new Gridrunner is presented as a vertical shooter, basically the classic game turned on its side.

The game itself is challenging, with a mass of enemies that have to be combated. Centipedes, blogs, bombs and ships, these are just some of the enemies you will have to face and overcome if you want to advance in the game. 

Gridrunner::by Llamasoft Gridrunner::by Llamasoft Gridrunner::by Llamasoft Gridrunner::by Llamasoft Gridrunner::by Llamasoft

Gridrunner screenshots

The controls of this game are just fantastic. The whole screen acts as a joystick, you just move your finger slightly and your ship will move in that direction. The key to success with these controls is learning to try and operate the ship gently, because it doesn’t use a 1:1 movement ratio.

For many gamers this will take some getting used to, but ultimately proves quite effective. The controls of this game are however more suited for an iPad then say, an iPod Touch or an iPhone, as having your finger constantly covering part of the screen on the smaller devices blocks the view of important information and on more than one occasion enemies that where attempting to destroy the ship. 

The premise of the game is quite simplistic, you have to defeat the enemies that come your way and survive as long as you can. You are given a certain number of lives when you start out the game, and at the end of each level you gain an extra life, this will usually not be enough to keep you going, so you will find yourself dying a lot, but this entices you to play again to try and get further.

The game rewards you with specific power ups for defeating enemies, they only last a few moments, but they can be combined to allow for some very interesting artillery options, and they definitely help to defeat enemies when things get a little hectic. If there is an upgrade that could be applied to the weapons system, it’s available. 

This adaption of Gridrunner does something that is quite spectacular, it gives us the game the way we want to remember it, not the way it actually was. It makes it that much better to play and it’s a fantastic achievement on the developer’s part. What most of us do to relieve our video game memories of old is load up the ROM’s of these games on an emulator, and sadly they are usually sub-par to even the oldest systems equivalent, making it a practically daunting experience.

Gridrunner has proven to be the opposite, it managed to remain faithful to the classic game, but yet there are modern enhancements added to the game that make it an instant classic, and one of the best games to hit the is platform yet.  

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