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Heart Breaker

25 Sep 2013

Heart Breaker game review

What do you think about RPGs? The role play games are the hottest trend this season. Just imagine, you have been put in a fictional world where you are supposed to play a role of a certain character present in that world.

Isn’t it cool? Yes, it is and that was what attracted me to this RPG - Heart Breaker. Don’t go by the name, the game is not about breaking someone’s heart like love stories. The game is totally different and super amazing.

Though I must admit that I would never guess the type of game Heart Breaker is if I hadn’t read the description of the game. The game is actually a hack and slash role playing game in which are put into a world of infinite dungeons and you have to make your way out.

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Heart Breaker screenshots











There are enemies whom you need to kill. You need to take their hearts out in order to keep going and that’s where the name Heart Breaker comes from.

The player of the game deals with the enemies and gets protectors, weapons and HEARTs on defeating them. The hearts can then be used for a variety of purposes. I never knew a heart could be used for so much of things until I played this game.

But isn’t it what you expect from an RPG – stepping into an entirely different world doing some weird things? Once you get the heart of your enemy, you can use it for a variety of purposes. You can transplant them into the items in the game to acquire several skills. You need to fight however you like in order to keep going and killing enemies for getting their hearts out. The more hearts you eat, the experienced and stronger you get.

Well, this is what the world of Heart Breaker looks like according to their description of a game. Now, let’s have a look at my description. I would like to start with the graphics. Isn’t it the most important thing in a game? None of us would like to play a game that isn’t well with its look and feel.

And while role playing game, you need to feel like you are actually the part of the fictional world where the game is set in. Heart Breaker does that really well. The graphics are really nice. The characters, places, objects, icons – everything is superb! The graphic designers of the game do need a good round of applause. 

Coming to the concept, I do not think I need to explain what I feel about the concept after describing the game script. Now, it’s time for the actual review. How I felt while playing the game – awesome! The game is one of the best ones that I have ever played. I never found any RPG so addicting and entertaining.

I am still playing this game and I am going to continue till I complete all the levels. The first five floors of the game are available for free on both Google Play and iTunes and once you start playing, I bet you would want the paid version too. Yes, it’s that good.

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