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Hero Academy

17 Oct 2013

Hero Academy game review

Gamers could be nothing less but impressed with Robot Entertainment when out came the extensively commended game, Orcs Must Die. Participating in the game revealed a sense of something not only conventional but something recent and fresh.

The creators managed to stamp on the game their own individuality and quality, making the whole bundle appear very attractive.

This was not their first attempt of making a game, but this is the game which took off making their name well known and enhancing their credibility as game makers. They have also managed to replicate their success in yet another game.

There is no single gamer option in Hero Academy so there must be two players at all times. The two participants battle it out for leadership in a very simple fantasy version of typical battle / mission games.

Hero Academy::by Robot Entertainment Hero Academy::by Robot Entertainment Hero Academy::by Robot Entertainment Hero Academy::by Robot Entertainment Hero Academy::by Robot Entertainment

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To begin the game both teams will have two crystals which they are to protect and the battle is completed when one team dispossesses their crystals and have no military people left to utilize. With every go there are five movements which the play can call for an item, equipment, statistic enhancing tools, assault and such like. Six of the components are sporadically dispensed from a minimal amount at the beginning of the game with extra ones coming into play to compensate for any of the previous ones which has not been used. In this aspect it can be considered to be similar to that of a card game with random good luck playing a part but this only a tiny aspect of the game. In order to succeed the player must realise the abilities and disabilities of an item and use this knowledge accordingly as well as using methods to try and hinder the commands of the opposition.

Underneath the game there will be a collection of five characters. The player can not pick which one they wish to play as the game will sporadically give one out during each play. If a player is not happy with the item they have received they can use their finger to scroll across the screen on anything they do not like and take it to a small exit situated on the left. As the players go comes to an end, they will then be given new items which they may be happier with. The variety of items will be magical enchantments and ammunition which will help improve the abilities of the players assault and capabilities of defending themselves to they can live for an increased amount of time.

I am very impressed with the illustrations and art work, and the way characters manifest into something different. In addition to this one of my favourite things about the game has to be how enjoyable it is and easy to use. Go’s are taken by players at their own accord so the games may only last a few moments long, or for a longer period such as a day or seven days. A number of different games may also be played as well as the original game. The fact that the player will not know what the opposition has been dealt makes the game remain exciting even if the player is convinced that they are going to win.

A fundamental key to playing the game is to know the abilities of all the characters. For example one character can throw out a magical enchantment which will only use up one point but can have a devastating effect on the enemy. By combining all these abilities and knowledge will help keep the opposition away from the bonus items. If the story grows further providing extra challenges for the players, I foresee this game becoming very popular indeed and I for one would like to play this game again in time to come.

I would highly recommended this game and ask that people take a look at it as I can not put into words how much fun this game is. 

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