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24 Nov 2013

iBomber game review

There are plenty of tower defense games on iOS, but only a few stand out above the rest and are actually worth spending any time one. Chillingo seems to have risen to the position of king of this genre, and it has excelled itself once more with iBomber Defense Pacific.

If you enjoy placing turrets in strategic locations to quell increasingly challenging waves of enemies, then you’ll love this game.

The gameplay in this game is as you’d expect for the genre – you place defense or support units around a map grid to prevent Axis troops from getting into and destroying your base. Once a unit is in place, you’ll have to maintain and improve it as you progress, making it stronger and more powerful.

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You begin with two sorts of tower – machine gun and cannon. Machine guns fire much faster than cannons, but the cannons, as you’d expect, cause much more damage when they go off. Once you’ve finished a level you’ll see a screen where you can unlock other units as well as raise their level caps. As time goes by, you’ll have a wide range of units to choose from – communication towers (increases the range of nearby guns), sabotage posts (slow down enemies as they approach) and anti-aircraft guns (come in handy later on against the enemy planes).
Your controls are on the touchscreen of your iPhone. There’s an accelerometer, but no virtual sticks or direction pads, so it’s nice and simple. You just drop bombs – and you have an unlimited supply, which can’t be bad – it’s one less thing to have to think about. When you’re playing iBomber you’re very focussed on just playing, rather than thinking about the back story. There are a few short in-mission briefings in between levels, but they don’t offer that much of a distraction.

The entire game screen is your bomb sight in iBomber, which is a nice touch – your entire field of vision is a big crosshair. Your view is from the top of the battlefield, and you’re aiming at submarines, oil tankers, aircraft carriers, gun turrets – anything that moves that isn’t on your side! The giant crosshair will show you where your bomb needs to go, but you need a bit of skill to know exactly when to hit the “Bombs Away” button so that you reach the target. You need to take your speed into account – you’re moving as well as your target, and you need to marry up the two variables.

Visually, iBomber is a good looking game. You have maps that feature lots of different terrains – pastoral scenes, rocky desert canyons and groups of islands in large channels. Your enemy units are also very detailed and full of variety. This variety will be very welcome when you’re on level 25 and you suddenly start seeing new and exciting enemies striding into view. A change is as good as a rest, as they say.....

This game is fun and challenging, especially as it makes you constantly change your tactics to keep up with your enemies. iBomber Defense is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys tower defense games. 

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