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01 May 2014

iMathGenius game review

Are you or your kids falling behind in Math?

Do you struggle with basic mathematical concepts and really are in desperate need of some tutoring? What if I told you there is an app that take you out of this struggle and in a fun way? That is right, let me show you iMath Genius, a really genius app to practice and test your mathematical skills on the go!

iMath Genius is an intuitive and very easy-to-use application that allows you to practice math and have fun at the same time.

iMathGenius::By Christine Wang iMathGenius::By Christine Wang iMathGenius::By Christine Wang iMathGenius::By Christine Wang iMathGenius::By Christine Wang

iMathGenius screenshots

The application covers all educational levels starting for Kindergarten all the way to pre-college. This means that this application is suitable for a 5-year old as well as for a teenager who is registering for college!

But it does not limit to this as if you are older than this, you can exercise your mathematical brain with the added fun. So this is how it works. You start by selecting a skill level and the number of problems.

You can select from kindergarten through grade 12. The quiz is a multiple choice and you are given five possible answers to choose from. For every correct answer you will be rewarded with points; if your answer is wrong, you will be given the chance to try again.

If you get a high score at the end of the test you will have a grid with the uncovered (or partially uncovered) face of a famous mathematician. This picture will get uncovered as you add more rewards for your performance.

Besides the sleek design and great and simple performance, you can select to have music being played while you are having fun. So, the ease of use and nice look is something to look at as well and is a must have application.

With this app you can hone your mathematical skills and have fun at the same time. You will be caught spending lots of time practicing your math. Is there a better way to get good at something? You might want to try the basic skills so you get used to the app.

Little by little you can start increasing the difficulty as you feel you can master the skills. Rewarding system is based on the skill level chosen, so the higher the level you choose, the greater the amount of points you will be earning.

If you are a genius, select a skill higher to your present grade and you will be given even more points. Now you have a way of getting prepped for your test, easily and on the go. If you are a parent, you can have your kid practice their basic math skills with this app.

If you are a high school student, ace your geometry, trigonometry, equations, logarithms, and other math quizzes! With practice comes expert, so become an expert mathematician in a fun and comprehensive way.

With iMath Genius, you can also check yourself if you are prepared for your SAT as questions for Pre-College skills are designed to match those of this test. Download this application today and start improving your mathematical skills, exponentially.

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