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29 Nov 2013

Incoboto game review

Incoboto has you playing as a character named Inco, the last of the living on his planet, and most probably his entire galaxy. As the suns of his galaxy died out, life had no means from witch to grow or propagate.

In this puzzle game, developed by Fluttermind, you are tasked with tracking down stars to feed Helios, in his desperate, last ditch attempt to re-light the dead suns in the galaxy, and as such, to bring some life back to it.

Thankfully there is one sun remaining that goes by the name Helios. Inco is the last surviving human in the galaxy after a major catastrophe makes all of the suns in it die, making it extremely difficult for life to thrive.

Helios, the last sun in the galaxy wakes you up and promptly informs you that he is hungry.

Incoboto::by Fluttermind Incoboto::by Fluttermind Incoboto::by Fluttermind Incoboto::by Fluttermind

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This introduces to the player the mail goal of the game, feeding Helios star pieces so that he can gain enough strength to re-ignite the other suns in the galaxy. One you have collected 100 star pieces to feed to Helios he is able to re-ignite the dead suns, and thus bring back life to the whole galaxy. The controls of the game are simple, but they prove to be frustrating at times. Dragging your finger right or left will cause him to move in that direction, when you want him to jump; you flick your finger upwards. Timing is a key part of completing these puzzles, so you will have to adapt to the controls quickly, or you will find yourself walking off ledges and jumping without intending to quite often.

As the puzzles are introduced to you, you will receive new tools to use, and you will be given opportunities to try out different things. The game is quite challenging, which is a welcome change from most iOS games. As you progress there is a learning curve that the difficulty follows, and as you progress you will ultimately learn what happened to make the suns all die out.

The artwork in this game is purely amazing. The charm of this game is further added too by the soundtrack and even the humorous writing and story line. 

One of the great things about this game was the quantity of puzzles that incorporated physics into them. They react the way you think they would when you interact with them, which keeps it from getting frustrating. Each gameplay element that was introduced was simple in nature, but they managed to integrate them in a way that it gave us as sense of complexity. One of the major downsides would have to be the controls of the game, which left quite a bit to be desired, but they could definitely be fixed, and that would make it an even more amazing game. As you play this game you won’t want to put it down aside from those moments of utter frustration. But that’s what makes it so good, it’s a pure challenge. 

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