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Iron Run

03 Feb 2014

Iron Run game review

If you are looking for some good fun with a racing adventure game, then a new offering on the iTunes store called Iron Run may be just for you.

This is a game filled with action packed adventure that will challenge your iPhone and iPad game playing abilities. Your mech will continue to run through the maze world along a roadway that presents these obstacles every few seconds.

The objective of the game is to guide and control a robot mech, through a maze of obstacles, using your iPhone or iPad as the control device, swiping left, right, up and down, to avoid the dangers that lie ahead.

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Iron Run screenshots

The obstacles that you will face a range from burned out busses and cars, to holes in the ground and leftover artifacts from some long distant battles.

For the physical obstacles, like holes in the ground or other machinery and debris that gets in your way, you need to swipe your phone in the direction you want to move, either left or right, or up (to jump) and down (to slide under obstacles).

There are powerups along the obstacle path, and each powerup will give additional coin points that let you upgrade your robot mech. With each upgrade, you can buy more equipment and armor, that will help you to keep going farther and farther along the obstacle course.

The upgrades also help to keep you alive until eventually, you make too many mistakes and take too much damage. When you take too much damage, well, you are pretty much done for, and the game will end after you explode into a thousand pieces.

Fortunately, after you self-destruct, you can then immediately buy more gear to equip yourself and prepare for your next journey into the maze world. The in-app store allows you to use the game points you have accumulated during your obstacle runs, to either buy new equipment (either weapons, items or chassis).

If you do not have enough coins to upgrade, you can elect to buy more coins and upgrade without having to wait. The chassis upgrade option allows you to upgrade your mech from the "Flea" model. The Flea model is the starting model and comes outfitted with a basic set of weaponry, mobility and armor.

You start off in the game with a basic gatling gun; however, you can upgrade to twin gatling guns, a shotgun, grenade gun, rail gun and many more types of exotic weapons. If you do not want to buy additional coins, the game makers have a built-in reward system that allows you to download other free games, and just by downloading those free games, you receive a large sum of coins that you can use immediately to upgrade your mech.

The gameplay is fast pace and enjoyable, the graphics are decent and there is also a soundtrack with accompanying sound effects. The controls in the game are easy to use, and it does not take long to learn how to play like a pro.

I would recommend this game because it is free, and fun to play.

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