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Janken Game

26 Feb 2014

Janken Game game review

I think everyone has played the game "Paper – Rock – Scissors", but a new app available for iPhone and iPad takes this timeless Japanese game and brings it into the modern world with real punch.

Normally in this kind of reviews I like to describe how the game is played, but of course, if you have ever played "Paper – Rock – Scissors", then you know how to play this game already.

In the iPhone and iPad version, there are two different modes.

Janken Game::By Joao Ignacio da Silva Neto Janken Game::By Joao Ignacio da Silva Neto

Janken Game screenshots

There is the basic mode (the original) which has you matched up against the computer CPU, and your objective is to win four rounds so that you can start to unlock achievements within the game. The gameplay is pretty basic, when you start the game, you have the option to choose either paper, rock or scissor, and then the computer will make its choice, and the winner will be decided at random.

If the computer CPU, wins four rounds, then the game is over, and you must play again. The name of the game, Janken, comes from the original name for "Paper – Rock – Scissors", and it has it's roots from Asia, China and Japan.

In old times, the game was used to decide arguments and decisions, with the winner taking being the one who makes the correct choices. In the classic Janken, there is no way that any player can have an advantage, so the game is truly random.

In the new iPad and iPhone version, that random style of game play is still present, so if you are lucky, you can win and unlock achievements such as "3 Times Champion", "Origami Supply", "Stitching is my Hobby" and more.

These achievements are shown in the game, in the achievements menu. As you play the game, you can also play to beat the game high score. The manner of play, and ease of play make this game fun for a time killer, especially if you want something to do while waiting for a bus or just happen to have some extra time on your hands.

The game makers also thought to give the game of Janken an additional twist, but introducing a "Nerd" mode, which allows you to play with additional hand gestures, not just the traditional paper, rock and scissors.

The "Nerd" mode also lets you play with two new hand gestures, the "Spock" hand symbol and the "Lizard". While we all know that Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors and scissors beats paper, the additional symbols interact with the other gestures and give an extra dimension to the game play.

I supposed they called it "Nerd" mode since the new gesture styles really do take this game to all new levels of random fortune game playing. The gameplay itself is super easy, the controls are as easy as clicking start, play and then choose which hand gesture you will use against the computer.

Once you select a hand gesture, the computer will automatically make it's own random choice… the winner is announced at the end of the round, and each round you win, will gain you more points and stars, enabling you to win more and more achievements.

This game is currently free on the iTunes store, and for a time killer app, it is worth shaking your fist and taking a look.

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