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Jetpack Jinx

21 Aug 2013

Jetpack Jinx game review

Why go for a drive when you can go into the cosmos. Jetpack Jinx gives you wings.

A new hit marvelous game Gum Interactive in which your player, named Jinx, has crashed and stranded on a weird and foreign planet. However, his major concern is his boss who does not know that he is not at the mother ship.

The objective of this game is to get him back to the starship before his boss; Shadowbot figures out that he is gone. So grab your jetpack and blast off towards your starship.

Jetpack Jinx::By Bubblegum Interactive Jetpack Jinx::By Bubblegum Interactive Jetpack Jinx::By Bubblegum Interactive

Jetpack Jinx screenshots

Jetpack Jinx is a very addictive and fun game where you are to fly through several exciting levels while making your way to back to your ship. There are many mystery prizes along the flight and a lot of bonus points to be scored.

Despite having all that exciting and fun features this game is available on the app store for free and that is not even the best part as you get to play this game not only free but without advertisements also, so how cool is that?

Each level has insane objectives that you’re required to complete before you can move on to the next flying level. While playing these superb stages you get to have often power ups and super packs. These bonus prizes make the levels so much easier and entertaining both at the same time.

Sometimes you also get helpful sidekicks which aid you in completing your mission and among all those special features you can also achieve some wickedly awesome upgrades. To keep track of how you are doing, there is a built in feature that shows the score on top of the playing screen.

The graphics in the game is awsome and make the gameplay even better, not to mention the sounds and melodious background music which simply makes the player enjoy the game lots more. Different characters that you will see in this game are fun to look at and most of them are very squishy and adorable.

Like many other games you might have played in the past this game also comes with some rewards and unlock able features and bonus levels which keeps the user entertained and busy until you end the game and even then you will want to play it again and again, such it the charm of this brilliant fly-high game.

The app is compatible with several platforms allowing you to play this gem of a game on your favourite device. So enjoy the major new update with several cool and funny animations. Also the new update brings new and cool bandanas for your character, awesome goggles and super boosts for your jetpack.

The game might be easy to play but nevertheless is hard to become a master of. So do you have what it takes to get to get to the orbit in time? If you do then go through the levels eating multi coloured and shaped gems or face the wrath of the Shadowbot :P.

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