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07 Mar 2014

JUJU game review

It’s the era of e-learning these days. Even if you have just a toddler who needs to learn just the few letters of the alphabet or a few shapes so as to get ready to go to a pre-school, e-learning is there to help you out.

In fact, education related apps are the best option to teach your kids to do that.

When I realized that my cute little baby is growing up and he needs to be taught the few basic things like numbers, alphabet and shapes, etc. , I was quite worried because after a busy day in the office I hardly had any energy working on my baby’s education.

JUJU::By Ondrej Monsberger JUJU::By Ondrej Monsberger JUJU::By Ondrej Monsberger

JUJU screenshots

During that time a colleague of mine suggested me about JUJU. Not many people can guess it by the name that what’s the app is about. Well, JUJU is the best way to teach your baby number, alphabet and shapes.

Why best? I will explain later. First of all I would like to mention the features of the app. This education app with friendly graphics and mild, soothing sounds contains three modes – numbers, alphabet and shapes.

Numbers mode would help you teach numbers to your baby and so on. There are five different levels in each mode, which makes learning not only fun but challenging. The game also has a campaign mode and an arcade mode, both of which are super amazing.

Oops, I disclosed one of the reasons for why JUJU is the best – it’s fun and interactive way of learning. Teaching your kids using pen and paper not only bores you, but also repel away your kids. Every mother would know how difficult it is to convince her child to sit at one place and study.

However, if you are using an app like JUJU you won’t find it difficult at all for your kids would themselves be interested in playing, oops, learning! Apart from being fun, JUJU is a complete educational book in itself.

There are 54 letters, 22 shapes and 30 numbers which according to me are enough for your child, at least in the early days of pre-school they are more than enough. This app really saved my life and relieved me from a great pressure.

I was so worried about the early education of my first baby and JUJU helped out very nicely. It was so easy and my baby boy loves to play with this game. He considers this as a game. But we, the mothers know that it’s our savior who would teach our children.

Don’t we? Nowadays, there are hundreds of educational apps like JUJU but this has been the best one. I did try a few more, but JUJU would always stay my first choice and I would recommend it to every mother.

You would feel blessed once you have this education app for your help. What are you waiting for? Don’t worry. Such kind of learning style is proving to be very good for overall development of your child. Get JUJU on your iPhone now!

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