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Kids Coloring Book!

11 Apr 2014

Kids Coloring Book! game review

One of the first things we love to do as children is play with coloring books.

We learn first from our parents, at pre-school, and then in grade school. Some people go on to become very proficient artists, but for most of us, we become pre-occupied with other things in life, and the coloring book is just a faded memory.

Well now, if you want to unleash the inner-child, you can again do some coloring, or just share it with your children, and re-live the fun old days of creating coloring masterpieces.

Kids Coloring Book!::By Peep Software Kids Coloring Book!::By Peep Software Kids Coloring Book!::By Peep Software Kids Coloring Book!::By Peep Software Kids Coloring Book!::By Peep Software

Kids Coloring Book! screenshots

There is a new game, now available on the iTunes Store, called Kid's Coloring Book, and it is a revamped version of the coloring book for the 21st century. The app of course is designed and targeted towards a younger app user, however, once you start using the app, you will quickly see that it is fun to use a coloring book!

The Kid's Coloring Book app provides simple instruction, you simply pinch to zoom and swipe to move. You can erase colors with your finger or tap uncolored areas to fill with a color from the coloring book palette.

Using the brush mode, you can quickly color in the shapes. The app features many supplied shapes, like bears, fish and other cute little creatures. Once you have found a delightful shape to color, you simply pick a color from the crayon color wheel, which has every shade of color that you might need and start coloring in between the lines.

You also can change the colors of the lines, in case you want to go with a special and unique look. There is a couple of different brush modes. The classic version, also known as "In Lines" will keep your brush strokes within the lines of the shape you are coloring, so that you do not make a mess of things, and you end up with a nicely colored creation.

There is also a freestyle mode, which allows you to color outside the lines, in any area of the canvas. Once you have colored the shape, you can show off your artistic ability by sharing the image of your color book character with your Facebook friends, or you can send by e-mail, save to your camera roll or create a gallery of your images.

Once nice touch is that you can also assign your colored character to one of your contacts in your address book. If that is not enough, you can also copy your efforts to the clipboard and use that in any other application that supports pasting from the clipboard, so the things you can do with that functionality is nearly unlimited.

To change character shapes is quick and easy, one tap on the Back button, will return you to the main selection window, and you can select a new character to color in. This is a fun app and sure to please the creative type.

I recommend you download it today.

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