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Kitten Sanctuary

04 Nov 2013

Kitten Sanctuary game review

The game revolves around the story taking place on “Kitten Island”. The player must participate through numerous stages in order to save 50 kittens which have been taken by extra terrestrials.

On each stage the player must have couple three articles, and it transpires that these articles are in fact articles of special ability which collate on the game. The aim of the game is similar to pairs.

There are coloured squares which the player has to uncover in order to reveal an identical matching pair. Each match will release a kitten.

Once all of the coloured squares have been revealed and matched the stage is completed and the kittens can be taken to the safety of a kitten haven.

Kitten Sanctuary::by Clockwork Pixels Kitten Sanctuary::by Clockwork Pixels Kitten Sanctuary::by Clockwork Pixels Kitten Sanctuary::by Clockwork Pixels Kitten Sanctuary::by Clockwork Pixels

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Kitten Sanctuary has certain aspects which are similar to the traditional construction games of cities, farms and such like. However there is an added extra to this game in the respect that rather than building structures you have to tend for a group of adorable kittens which you save during the various levels of play.

As each stage is completed the player will be taken the kitten safe haven and be introduced to the kitten they have just saved and be told some special information relating to them. This makes the game feel all the more enchanting as the player gets to relate to the animal they save. Learning the kitten’s history and what their preferences and disapprovals are, really make the player feel at home with the kittens they save.

All in all there are 100 stages to go through with some being slightly more difficult than others. I approved of the way the game was set out however if it is not to the players preference there is always an option to have a play around with this and alter it to what the player would prefer. There are three modes of difficulty ranging from simple to hard which makes the game suitable for players of all ages.

The game is not only entertaining but hooks the player making them want to return to it on a regular basis. The additional extras offered on some stages only add to the excitement of the game.

The game may be played on any difficulty level as the player so wishes. In the simple version of the game the player will not be timed, however this will be a feature in the harder versions of the game. The coloured squares also increase in number the harder the level of the game.

This is a very adorable cute game which has been constructed very well with well emphasised features in many areas of the game. It is new and refreshing with added extras a game could only wish for to add to the enjoyment factor further.

Illustrations and art work are fantastic, game play is highly entertaining and I was happy to note there were no problems with regards to lagging. Sound effects suited the game perfectly with a dialogue at some points to give the game an added finesse.

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