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Kung Food Fighter

06 May 2014

Kung Food Fighter game review

If you have played the genre of the game available on the iTunes store such as Ninja Fruit, then you are familiar with the slash and score format.

Usually in these kinds of games, you are expected to slice the fruit up while at the same time avoiding the dreaded bomb which will prematurely end your game.

Now there is a new game available on the iTunes store called Kung Food Fighter, and it takes a familiar game style and shoots it into overdrive with a simple game playing mode, which is to score as many points as possible by slicing fruit without having to worry about the bomb factor.

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Playing this game, you will not have to worry about your game round ending prematurely, which many find to be irritating. With Kung Food Fighter, all you need to do is to slice as many fruits as possible within 89 seconds.

As you begin to play, you are presented with a truly large number of fruits that need slicing. These can be sliced similar to the other traditional games of this style, using your finger to swipe and cut.

If you are fast enough, you can score a combo bonus when you slice three or more fruits simultaneously. The slashing frenzy really shows in this game, because since you do not have to worry about the bombs going off in your face, you can certainly start slashing and racking up the points.

There are so many fruits to slash, in fact that it can be a little overwhelming, and you will find your self swiping like mad on your iPad to cut up all the fruit. A word of advice, if you are going to play this game on a train, you might want to sit by yourself somewhere, if at all possible so that you do not elbow jab the person sitting next to you.

The gameplay is fast, very fast, and you really need to practice the combos if you want to get the most points. With that said, it does not do any good to score big without a way to share your gaming prowess, that is why the game makers provided a friendly little share with Facebook button, so you can announce to the world that you just might be the best Kung Food Fighter.

Overall I give this game high marks for the graphics. The animation is truly fluid, and if you like this style of gameplay, you will not be disappointed. In addition to the precise graphics, the sound effects are also quite good, on par with other great games in this genre.

If you want to play this game, however, on the train or some other place where the sound can be a little distracting to those around you, then of course you can use the built in options screen to turn the object sound and the music off.

If you want a high quality gaming experience, with good visuals, sound and fast gameplay, then this is one game worth taking a swipe at.

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