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Last Match

04 Feb 2014

Last Match game review

If you really want to pass the time playing a truly fun game, that is easy to play and offers enough challenge to keep you coming back for more, then you really need to try out a new game that is available for the iPhone called Last Match.

The game premise is quite uncomplicated, but also quite addictive.

The object of this game is to play with a partner or against the computer AI (artificial intelligence) and select any number of match sticks (as in matches that you use to light a fire) from a single row and then alternate turns with your opponent who then takes their turn, doing the same thing.

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Last Match screenshots

Like in the movies, the person who ends up with the last match is usually the guy who has to stay behind with the sinking ship, or go in to the burning house to save the cat, or be the first one to jump off the cliff into the raging river below… basically the person with the last match is the loser, and the winner is the one who can cunningly select their match sticks in such a way as to make it impossible for the other player to win the game.

The game as in-app help, which is pretty basic, because this is a basic game. All you need to do is pickup matches from one of several rows on the game table. You can take as many matches as you want during a turn, however, you can only take matches from a single row at a time.

Since your opponent must abide by the same rules, the trick is to select just the right matches, in the right quantity that will force your opponent into making a mistake. Go and download the Last Match game from the iTunes store, and you will quickly find out that it is not so easy as you might think.

I thought it was easy to until the computer AI beat me and continued to beat me, until I started to play with more strategy in mind. When playing the game, you can choose to play against a computer opponent or real human via the built in gaming center integration or "pass the device around" mode of play.

There is also several game types to choose from that add special rules and mix things up a bit. The gaming center integration is nice, there are specific games that require you to win games consecutively in order to be the champ, as well as modes that require you to win over the course of 3 days, so there is a good selection of game styles to choose from.

At it's core, this game is a "leave the other guy with the last match" kind of game, and although it looks easy, it is actually a brain bender, good for those long train rides into the office. So if, you are looking for a fun game, that has a fair amount of strategy built into it and a rewarding playing experience, then try this game out, it certainly succeeds in keeping you occupied.

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